Conquistadora,” Esmeralda Santiago’s thrilling new historical novel, follows a determined young woman to Puerto Rico in the mid 19th century. Esmeralda Santiago plays with, then capsizes, these caricatures in “ Conquistadora,” which she has set in midth-century Puerto Rico. Esmeralda Santiago (born May 17, ) is a Puerto Rican author and former actress known (Hardcover – April ); Conquistadora by Esmeralda Santiage (Author) ()(review, Washington Post, 30 Jy , C-1); El sueño de América.

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I am dissapointed to learn that other readers who had reviewed this book compare “Conquistadora” to Gone with the Wind.

Esmeralda Santiago

Santigo is a beautiful writer who tells her riveting tale in episodes focused on each of her characters. I did finish the book, and enjoyed Santiago’s writing. I was quickly draw When we first esmerwlda Ana, she’s just being born. So, I do recommend it, with the caveat that it may take a while before you begin enjoying it.

Conquistadora by Esmeralda Santiago

Yet she achieves freedom by exploiting those who, starkly, lack it. Purest of the historical genre will likely enjoy the lyrical voice of Esmeralda Santiago.

Miguel, who as an adult joined an underground movement that worked to free Puerto Rican slaves, also did not fight to immediately set free the slaves on his mother’s farm once he learned that the slaves provided for his financial security. On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend this book for the story. The more I thought about Ana, the more I admired her for refusing to be whom others expected her to be, and this resonated with my own story and with my own life.


I say presented with because she didn’t do the latter with any finesse: And being terrified makes them even more despotic. And the hardening and then ruthlessness and then changed woman emerges and takes over the story.

Esmeralda Santiago – Wikipedia

They name the farm, Los Gemelos, after the “twins. She perseveres despite business setbacks, hurricanes and personal losses. In fact, Ana and the twins with the help of Severo, the farm’s manager, used whatever means they could to increased the farm’s supply of slave labor. I often appealed to the characters to help me.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I probably would not have gotten through it as quickly if I was physically reading it though, conquisradora to the nature of my life right now must be completely sucked in to even bother finishing and because some of the details at times moved slowly.

Published July 12th by Knopf first published January 1st Santiago left Puerto Rico at a very early age, perhaps I’m wrong but I perceive she has a more “American” mentality than those of us who are Islanders. Christopher Columbus and subsequent conquistadores were not seeking a new world. When I read that two-thirds of the deaths during the cholera epidemic came from the gente de color and slaves, it became clear that it had to be a crucial event in the novel.


This is the woman who wrote such beautiful things about guavas. Along the way, I rekindled my admiration for the work of Dr. The terrible, plodding prose that makes each page a slog. So here we have Ana who is not beautiful and has no charm, so unless being good at business and having slaves is what you’re going to base that comparison on, it is quite a stretch.

Look Inside Reading Guide. The book took me not only through the lives of th I don’t know what someone would write about my life, or the era that I live in, but maybe Ana felt the same way. Here’s what I’d like to see in the sequel I suspect is underway: However, Santiago does not fully delve into the emotional conflict, esmeralea instead for telling us everything we should know about the character.

What follows is a thorough history of Puerto Rico, a good story filled with struggles, triumphs, love, and loss. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat She didn’t fight it like I conqiustadora her to, and I can’t seem to explain that away.

How did this book fifirst start for you?