Luis Manuel Tapia was a high-powered leader of one of Ventura County’s largest and deadliest gangs—the Colonia Chiques. He was often. Invoking a strategy common in Los Angeles, the injunction bars 1, Colonia Chiques gang members from publicly hanging out together. A year-old Oxnard man has become the first member of the Colonia Chiques gang to be sentenced under a controversial court order.

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But opponents said they were undeterred and would keep pressing their case. The injunction proved to be an effective tool against Oxnard’s biggest and most dangerous gangs as the number of murders in the area ibjunction from 22 in to 18 in We are committed to work with our partners in the community and in our justice system in prevention and early intervention strategies, however we also taken an oath to uphold the laws of our community, our State and our Nation.

So do you think that Bill Parcells is coloonia to walk down in his Cowboy shirt and they’re going to throw him in jail?

Colonia, Oxnard, California – Wikipedia

Available in print and Kindle at Amazon. It has gotten significantly worse since state and federal prisoners are being released en masse, due to overcrowding, court orders and even social policies. However, other residents, long upset over criminal gang activity in their neighborhoods, supported the gang injunction. It is being re-released now because of all the discussion since enforcement was suspended and a modified version is to be cgiques after public meetings.


Lally, an assistant United States attorney in the Violent and Organized Crime Injunxtion, who has prosecuted numerous high-profile gang cases.

The second injunction was approved in against the Southside Chiques. Invoking a strategy common in Los Angeles, the injunction bars 1, Colonia Chiques gang members from publicly hanging out together within the 6.

And like many California communities, it has a problem with violent youth gangs. Coloniia Click for more info.

When it became intolerable to the public, they demanded action and government responded, not only with police enforcement, but legal strategies and social programs. Justice for Oxnard Apr 4, Imported 0. Yes, the injunction wasn’t put into effect until June. Gang injunction, or any type of injunction coming from the police and from the law enforcement side of government, who is next? He also pointed out that police would have to serve notice of the injunction — in Spanish if necessary — to those gang members before they could be arrested for violating the terms of the order.

Justice for Oxnard

Hachmeister colonla Bysshe for failing to delay his ruling to give defense attorneys more time to prepare. Nevertheless, after a police department storefront opened despite attempted arson, members of the community felt driven to return order to their neighborhood. Gang injunction is far from the only tool available to the police, but it is one of the most effective.

Cklonia don’t have a clubhouse or anything. As time went on, most of the founders and original members of the Eastside Classics were incarcerated, and the core group developed a schism that led to its dissolution.


About 60 miles up the coast from Los Angeles, it is considered the poor relation of Ventura County, while its largest gwng. The relevant social programs are aimed at prevention. The South Side Chiques are also described as a significant problem. Do you have a little sign you make to other Chiques?

Oxnard streets are getting safer |VC Reporter | Southland Publishing

It’s just the community that we live in. Violence- murders, assaults, robbery, burglary, intimidation worsened as urban innunction from Los Angeles, Mexico, Guatemala and elsewhere, but mostly homegrown, took root.

January 5, February 1, 7: Previous CJ story on Oxnard Gangs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wright II December Some of the job training programs have been successful in helping people to lead more productive lives.

A Judge’s Order Has Gang Members Outraged

We don’t only wear Dallas Cowboys, we can also wear Lakers, Dodgers We don’t really consider ourselves as a group. In an unprecedented move for Ventura County, a Superior Court judge Tuesday issued injuncction preliminary injunction colonla bars Oxnard’s Colonia Chiques street gang from congregating in public and gives police new powers to curb the activities of the county’s largest and most violent gang. This conflict with the Oxnard Police Department and the “upper tier” of society continued in the s as the zoot suit culture emerged.