As the end of the year is fast approaching, the IFF wishes to remind all floorball players that the List of Prohibited Substances and. gada Vašingtonas konvencija par starptautisko tirdzniecību ar .. medību trofejas) un gadā, un gadā CITES Sekretariāta un . Hylina predavanja: “HLADNOKRVNA EKSPLOATACIJA – prekogranični promet i trgovina gmazovima i CITES konvencija”. Public. · Hosted by Udruga Hyla.

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Also referenced in genus Toumeya. Appendix II shall include: Populations of Cameroon and Nigeria. Includes synonyms Bradypus boliviensis and Bradypus konvencjia.

Also referenced as Nyroca nyroca. When any Party receives a communication as indicated in paragraph 1 of this Kojvencija, it shall, as soon as possible, inform the Secretariat of any relevant facts insofar as its laws permit and, where appropriate, propose remedial action. Visas sugas, kas nav sukulenti. Also referenced in genus Neolloydia. Trade with States not Party to the Convention.

Annual export quotas for live specimens and hunting trophies are granted as follows:. Each permit or certificate shall contain the title of the present Convention, the name and any identifying stamp of the Management Authority granting it and a control number assigned by the Management Authority. Formerly included in genus Glaucis. Includes synonym Galictis allamandi. The previous joint meeting was held in March in DublinIrelandand the latest one konvencima held in VeracruzMexico in May An extraordinary meeting of the Conference of the Parties shall be convened by the Secretariat on the written request of kinvencija east one-third of the Parties to consider and adopt amendments to the present Convention.

On 15 Julythe Committee of Environmental Insecticides that oversees the administration of the convention between meetings of all the Parties granted China and Japan permission to import elephant ivory from four African government stockpiles, the ivory being sold at a single auction in each country. As far as konvencijja, the Parties shall ensure that specimens shall pass through any formalities required for trade with a minimum of delay.

Parties abstaining from voting shall not be counted among the two-thirds required for adopting an amendment. Formerly included in family Lemuridae. Notable reservations include those by IcelandJapan and Norway on various baleen whale species and those on Falconiformes by Saudi Arabia. Appendix III shall include all species which any Party identifies as being subject to regulation within its jurisdiction for the purpose of preventing or restricting exploitation, and as needing the co-operation of other Parties in the control of trade.


Includes generic synonym Ciges. Formerly included in genus Aburria.

Formerly included in species Psephotus chrysopterygius. No exports of adult plants are permitted until the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties.

CITES – Wikipedia

Acerodon jubatus Acerodon lucifer p. The export of any specimen of a species included in Appendix II shall require the prior grant konvncija presentation of an export permit. Also referenced as Saussurea lappa. Amendments to the Convention must be supported by a two-thirds majority who are “present and voting” and can be made during an extraordinary meeting of the COP if one-third of the Parties are interested in such a meeting.

Also referenced as Sarracenia rubra alabamensis. The Secretariat shall consult the other Parties and interested bodies on the amendment in accordance with the provisions of sub-paragraphs b and c of paragraph 2 of this Article and shall communicate the response to all Parties not later than 30 days before the meeting.

Includes synonym Bos grunniens.

Includes generic synonym Coendou. Listing the species over the whole of its range would prevent such ‘laundering’ but also restricts trade in wildlife products by range states with good management practices.

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Formerly included as Parmoptila woodhousei in part. The re-export of any specimen of a konvenvija included in Appendix I shall require the prior grant and presentation of a re-export certificate.

Recognizing that wild fauna and flora in their many beautiful and varied forms are an irreplaceable part of natural systems of the earth which must be protected for this and the generations to come. Article I Definitions For the purpose of the present Convention, unless the context otherwise requires: Article XI Conference of the Parties 1.

Whenever a Scientific Authority determines that the export of specimens of any such species should be limited in order to maintain that species throughout its range at a level consistent with its role in the ecosystems in which it occurs and well above the level konbencija which that species might become eligible for inclusion in Appendix I, the Scientific Authority shall advise the appropriate Management Authority of suitable measures to be taken to limit the grant of export permits for specimens of that species.


The re-export of any specimen of a species included in Appendix II shall require the prior grant and presentation of a re-export certificate.

Such organizations shall not exercise their right to vote if their Member States exercise theirs, and vice versa. The list shall take effect as part of Appendix Citex 90 days after the date of kknvencija communication. Thus field protection may be the primary mechanism that saved the population, but it is likely that field protection would not have been increased without CITES protection. Citfs entry into force of the present Convention, a Secretariat shall be provided by the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Includes synonym Stangeria paradoxa. The present Convention shall be open indefinitely for accession. For instance, sales of the South African white rhino have generated revenues that helped pay for protection.

Because the remit of the Convention covers millions of species of plants and animals, and tens konvenncija thousands of these taxa are potentially of economic value, in practice this negative list approach effectively forces CITES signatories to expend limited resources on just a select few, leaving many species to be traded with neither constraint nor review.

The provisions of the present Convention shall in no way affect the provisions of any domestic measures or the obligations of Parties deriving from any treaty, convention, or international agreement relating to other aspects of trade, taking, possession or transport of specimens which is in force or subsequently may enter into force for any Party including any measure pertaining to the Customs, public health, veterinary or plant quarantine fields.

Formerly included in species Naemorhedus goral. The text of the proposed amendment shall be communicated to the Secretariat at least days before the meeting.

2019 List of Prohibited substances and methods

Also referenced as Presbytis geei and Citws geei. The re-export of any specimen of a species included in Appendix I shall require the prior grant and presentation of a re-export certificate. Includes synonym Python molurus pimbura.