CISSP aide memoire (e) v4 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. CISSP aide-mémoire By Éric Allaire, , CISSP, P+CP [email protected] com August 9, Table of contents REFERENCES USED. If you’ve done a lot of research on test-taking tips for the CISSP Exam, have hands-on, real-world experience and a copy of the “CISSP aide memoire” discussed.

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It also talks extensively about how to become a CISSP, how to prepare for the exam, and other security industry information. This was by far the most useful written resource of my study plan. A potential reason for this was explained to me by my instructor — apparently Ron Krutz used to be affiliated with ISC 2 and my instructors opinion was that the book was essentially a re-formatted copy of the seminar manual from the early days of the CISSP certification.

I had called ahead that morning and asked for an upgraded room in a quiet area of the hotel. Speaking of death-by-PowerPoint, these tutorials are each roughly 90 minutes of pure computer-narrated concept inundation. I felt good about it but felt that I had room for improvement.

If I had not passed, then I was going to be totally shocked and I would not know what I could have done to be better prepared.

Passing the CISSP Exam

By mid-day Saturday I was about as confident as I was ever going to be about the results of my study plan and the review seminar. Some of the attendees used the worksheets to test their comprehension, but I found them to be overly basic and not really helpful for my learning style.


I welcome feedback and questions which will help me improve this memoir as a resource for those who are working towards the CISSP certification. I found that my best bang-for-the-buck in preparing for the exam was CBT training and videos.

I completed this as the first step in my study plan. Mark the answer on the Scantron form.

CISSP aide-mmoire – Table of contents – [TXT Document]

Then, just a week before the session I got the news — the session was canceled owing to not enough registered attendees! On November 28th I packed up my stuff and hopped on a plane for the quick alde to Minneapolis. Study Habits and Learning Style I designed a study plan that relied on computer based training CBT resources, videos, books, practice questions and ultimately a review seminar before the exam at the end of my journey to CISSP certification.

Just released as revision one, this document is a thorough reference document which provides definitions and source references for many information security terms.

I sailed through the course and was able to cussp a pretty solid out of on the exam.

Many hours are required to study the various CKB subjects using web sites, books on-line mmoire, and forums. During this portion of the day there were many heated conversations about the finer aspects of the CBK and the nuances of the ISC 2 approach to test design.

The seminar started promptly with our instructor introducing himself as Rob Slade http: Business impact analysis BIA This resource is widely believed to be the best resource and many post-passing CISSPs have no qualms about shouting this fact from the hilltops or in the forums.


I found the room and dropped my books off and grabbed a quick breakfast. Heading in the Right Direction. The intensity is due largely to the fact that our instructor was truly an expert and was able to thoroughly dissect concepts and help us understand the details behind some of the concepts.

Comments and other additions may be inserted, provided they clearly appear as such. Special Thank-Yous First and foremost I thank my wife for her support in this endeavor.

Many have complained that these are too fast-paced, but I enjoyed them and found them to be a perfect tempo for me as anything slower becomes boring for me and then I have a hard time staying on task. I would have given this resource more than 7 out of 10 if Shon had let her co-workers do more of the videos — I found hers to be dry and full of indifference. I made a quick trip to a local store to pick up some some groceries and returned just after dark.

CISSP aide-mmoire – Table of contents

In the course of my studies I took almost quizzes covering nearly 4, questions. My overall average score topped out at My rating of nine out of memkire shows my confidence in this resource.

I could have easily not used it at all and been just fine.