Aspectos anatómicos y técnicos de la cirugia de citorredución de cáncer de ovario Epithelial Ovarian Cancer; Debulking of the Superior Abdomen; Abdominal. The mainstay of treatment for advanced ovarian cancer is the multimodality approach of debulking surgery and paclitaxel–platinum chemotherapy. The size of. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Primary or delayed debulking surgery and treated with primary or delayed (secondary) optimal debulking surgery unless impossible, Cáncer epitelial de ovario: evaluación y cirugía.

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Our preference is to perform the vascular division and fissure separation prior to bronchotomy.

Photodynamic therapy PDT which will be discussed later in this chapter may also be used to reestablish an endobronchial lumen prior to stent insertion. This decreased reactivity makes silicon stents easy to extract if necessary. While the lesion is visualized with the flexible scope, metallic markers are placed on the patient’s chest along the proximal and distal margins of involvement Figure Autofluorescence of normal and malignant bronchial tissue.

It is usually achieved by surgical removal. Contraindications to rigid bronchoscopy include bleeding diathesis, cervical spine injury or severe degenerative cervical disease with a poor range of motion.

Light energy may also be used for diagnosis in this setting.

Lastly, a cardiac assessment should be performed, as many of these patients will likely have concomitant cardiac dysfunction. The modality is less absorbed in water and hemoglobin, which allows a depth of penetration for several millimeters and enables control of bleeding from vessels greater than 0. Bronchial division is begun proximal to the tumor.


PDT is based upon the reactivity of a photosensitizing agent, porfimer sodium Photophrinwhen exposed to laser light at nm wavelength.

Debulking – Wikipedia

The approach to patients with endobronchial tumors should always begin with a thorough history and physical examination. Like rigid bronchoscopy, the flexible scope can be used to deploy bronchial stents or perform balloon bronchoplasty under fluoroscopic guidance Figures 3ab. A lung window image can also identify the presence of ciurgia lung tissue distal to a site of bronchial obstruction. Endoscopic treatment of malignant airway obstructions in 2, patients. Legal Advise Web Map Links.

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A 36 French chest tube is then placed along the shaft Photoradiation therapy for cutaneous and subcutaneous malignancies. Endobronchial management of benign, malignant, and lung transplantation airway stenoses. Effective treatment requires experience with flexible and rigid bronchoscopy. You can help Wikipedia by expanding firugia.

Fluoroscopy is used to guide marker positioning. Furthermore, the use of anticoagulant medication should be investigated. Languages Deutsch Italiano Polski Edit links. This therapy, introduced by Dougherty et al, demonstrated necrosis in various tumor types 16, Lasers Surg Med ; Often stent placement is preceded by tumor debulking using the Nd: The two primary bronchoscopic approaches include flexible cirugua rigid bronchoscopy Figure 2.


The medial aspect of the closure is performed initially as this area is the least accessible to the surgeon. For patients who have undergone therapy for endobronchial tumor, surveillance is necessary to identify recurrent disease early. Debulking procedures are usually long and often complicated, taking several hours or more to perform, depending on internal involvement and location.

Those patients that only have one controlled or controllable primary tumor located in the peritoneum can benefit from a treatment with a curative intention of the resection if it is complete icrugia almost complete from a macroscopic perspective.

This modality provides airway ventilatory bul,ing and allows for tumor debulking. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Photodynamic therapy PDT has become increasingly popular in the treatment of endobronchial malignancies. Improved results were more bulkinf in lesions within the trachea and main stem bronchi. Following chest closure, a repeat flexible bronchoscopy is performed to assess the anastomosis and evacuate secretions.