Cinelerra CV Manual: Table of Contents. Instructions for Ubuntu packages installation · Gentoo · Fedora · Mandriva · Cinelerra CV Manual. La edición de este manual es la ES, para la versión de Cinelerra CV Se permite su distribución y/o modificación bajo los términos de la licencia GNU.

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For years, some people have wanted a way to edit their audio and video in one place as fluidly as writing text. Cinelerra tries to be a single location for all your audio and video editing needs.

All the recording, editing, and playback are handled here. It can be used as an audio player.

It can be used to record audio or video. It can even be used as a photo retoucher. There are two types of moviegoers: Cinelerra is not intended for consumers.

Cinelerra has many features for uncompressed content, high resolution processing, and compositing. Producers need these features in order to retouch many generations of footage, which makes Cinelerra very complex.

Consumers should consider other tools such as Avidemux http: Quote from Miro’s Wiki http: This can be harder to use, but does make it tremendously powerful, and for some operations blistering fast. There are two branches of Cinelerra.

Cinnelerra can be found at http: HV shares its code base with a community version of Cinelerra Cinelerra-CVbut does not actively participate with the community of developers responsible for Cinelerra-CV. HV likes to work on its own copy of Cinelerra, releasing code on a periodic basis every 6 months or so.


Cinelerra CV Manual:

Cinelerra-CV was founded by developers who wanted to extend the functionality and fix bugs inherent cinellerra the HV code base. They decided to develop Cinelerra in a community fashion and not create a separate fork of the original HV code.

So, the Cinelerra CV code is very similar to the official release. CV coders apply bug fixes http: Programmers occasionally send patches upstream. In this way, Cinelerra CV has a number of features that the official version does not.

Unlike other programs, the HV release can not be described as “stable”. After HV’s Cinelerra is released, there are often bugs or unusable new features.

When there is a new release, a CV member j6t merges HV’s cinflerra with Cinelerra CV code, taking the enhancements from HV and reformatting the CV code white spaces, function naming, directory naming to be more similar to HV’s with slight changes to implementations.

After the merge, the latest Cinelerra CV release is a little unstable as users find bugs. Time permitting, the CV programmers will address as many of these bugs as possible.

As mentioned, the community adds new enhancements to the HV source. Members will comment on each other’s implementations in order to create a more fully functional and stable product.

Cinelerra CV Manual: 1. Introduction

Occasionally, HV will give feedback on implementations that the members of the CV submit to it. However, not all of the enhancements that the community create make it upstream; for example, YUV pipe rendering. Given the above discussion, obtaining the SVN just before a merge will generally be more stable than a post-merge CV version.


Be aware that existing project description files, or Edit Decision Lists discussed belowmay not be compatible with the newly merged CV version. With any version of Cinelerra, the task of finding bugs is relatively easy.

Table of Contents

However, clearly and concisely documenting these bugs for the community that fixes them is a task that we ask of all users of the software. The community is very responsive. Please help them by creating well-formed bug reports.

You may join our mailing list at http: This manual edition is 1. EN, for Cinelerra CV version 2. At that time, Cinelerra CV still did not have its own manual and information regarding the Community Version of Cinelerra was scattered across the Internet mailing-list, IRC, websites, wiki, etc.

The sources of the manuals are Texinfo files. They can be converted in many formats.

A version of this manual for Cinelerra-CV is available online http: This document was generated on February, 18 using texi2html 1.