Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman – Over half a million copies sold! From the author of the highly acclaimed heavy metal memoir, Fargo Rock. Countless writers and artists have spoken for a generation, but no one has done it quite like Chuck Klosterman. With an exhaustive knowledge of popular culture. The American writer Chuck Klosterman’s Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, in addition to being one of the better essay collections of recent years (it.

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If I met Chuck Klosterman, I would probably end up attempting to pick a fistfight with him. Maybe the ship has sailed and is long at sea with a Styx cover band performing on the cruise. But back to getting into a fistfight with Chuck Klosterman. I had no idea about any of the Bill Klosteran stuff. I assume I found the book through a mention in the magazine, then bought and read it on the dirty putfs my roommates and I had salvaged from somewhere.

So knowing that I feel this way about the smallest reference, then one can imagine how and why I would have such a poor reaction to Klosterman. I found the book, which he had written, to be a waste of time and was annoyed that he made us buy and read it. Let us assume you met a rudimentary magician. Chhck each his own.

Were either of these women aware of this prior to encountering your overly gleeful recollection of it upon the publication of this book, Chuck? But it just doesn’t resonate with me and outside of a few specific chapters The Sims one is fantasticI just kind of groaned at a lot of the stuff he said. His fans might stop me here and suggest I’m too old to truly appreciate his ideas. Noah Davis Pyffs Let us assume he can do five simple tricks–he can pull a rabbit out of his hat, he can make a coin disappear, he can turn the ace of spades into the Joker card, and two others in a similar vein.

Chuck’s essays cover such diverse topics as how the movies and TV are giving people unrealistic expectations about life and love, serial killers, the relationship between Reality Bites and The Empire Strikes Back, and that weird half season of Saved by the Bell that had that leather jacket wearing girl instead of Kelly Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: That isn’t to say that I wasn’t at times bored with this book–please note cuhck I’ve read it one and a half times because I abandoned it at first after 60 pages and didn’t feel compelled to give it a second chance until a year later.


You don’t get to tour.

Review: Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman | Books | The Guardian

I can practically feel the amd notes on the pages: And how do I know that he “gets it”? Dec 23, Dan Schwent rated it liked it Shelves: I don’t want to read about Saved By the Bell either. But they’re terrific thoughts, and you should read them. At the time, Chufk was mildly outraged that my tuition money was supporting this kind of crap; years later, I have come to recall those pseudo-savvy lectures as what I loved about college.

May 17, Matt rated it liked it. Which is not to say they are not total bullshit. That said, if you can look beyond the grating tone of these essays and accept Klosterman’s musings as nothing more than one man’s opinions–and relatively inconsequential ones at that, then you might be able to enjoy some of the entertaining and bizarrely funny anecdotes that are offered throughout his self-described “manifesto.

Music especially is a touchy subject for people, but whenever I was frustrated with Klosterman, I simply reminded myself that he is a writer for Spin –a magazine which I don’t subscribe to [at all or: The work of turning philosophical topics into pop-cultural dugs provocation is an art. drugx

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto

There is no way I will ever again waste precious reading time on this man. I can name at least ten people I know who could have written this book give or take an article or twoand probably could have written it better including the pe It’s not klostermann I didn’t like this book Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The book starts off strong with “This Is Emo,” an essay in which Klosterman blames John Cusack–or the character Lloyd Dobler to be more accurate–for his and everyone else’s failed relationships.

Others feel a little too self-important to me and therefore aren’t as enjoyable, kind of like watching an interview with Quentin Tarantino and enjoying his movies slightly less the next time you watch them. Kenny, who would argue for a higher rating Jul 11, Alana rated it liked it Shelves: But that’s just my opinion. He’s clever, kind of funny, and actually can form some pretty well structured articles. Retrieved from ” https: Only problem is that I’d probably have peaked at cooca The way to break out out this cycle is to find the working-class intellectuals who eex alter the status quo.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Clearly, it is not a woke book. lkosterman

Countless writers and artists have spoken for a generation, but no one has done it quite like Chuck Klosterman. While several of his essays offer moments of cocpa and wit, what makes the majority of his analyses of pop-culture and social behavior difficult to digest is the obnoxious and at times, pseudo-intellectual tone with which they are delivered.

I mean, all this would be nice to listen to over dinner, if your conversational partner didn’t have any illusions about its severity and weight. The chapters are organized like a “cd mix tape” complete with arbitrary lengths of time. And while I’m not exactly happy about that truth, it doesn’t make me sad, either. This analysis is interspersed with sweeping generalizations of American society that, in fact, are durgs like sweeping generalizations of Klosterman’s white, middle-class, Generation Klostermsn friends and colleagues.

When we are being presented with something that is supposedly a nonfiction essay should we accept drugss writer’s voice as being a window into that person’s personality or is it possible that it should merely be regarded as a persona that drusg chosen at the time of writing? But why did Cocoa Puffs find such a large audience? I kept wondering where all the footnotes had gone With a disturbingly thorough knowledge of pop culture and an almost effortless ability to spin brilliant prose out of unlikely subject matter, Klosterman attacks every aspect of postmodern America: What is really peculiar about Klosterman’s notion of aesthetics, however, is that he believes every artwork projects an image into which we try to fit ourselves – it has practically no other function, and little autonomy.