Christopher Cattan Geomancy Introduction to Astrological Geomancy The 16 Geomantic Figures Asking the Question & Generating the Mothers The Geomantic. The Geomancie of Maister Christopher Cattan Gentleman – Free download AMORC Cosmic Geomancy as Used by the Veiled Prophets PDF. Christopher Cattan, The Geomancy of Master Cattan Marsillio Ficino, Three Books on Life Robert Fludd, De Geomantia Islamic folk magic & commerce.

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Grimoires on Tape — Cattan – The Geomancie (London, )

Christolher third issue I have is the most practical: These figures are converses of themselves, and so we have company simple. Firenze University Press pdf. The significator and their allies are put together by fate and must contend with the same matter together, though not perhaps in the same way. Also at Google open.

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The Roman script, with its awkward 26 modern letters or 23 pre-modern letters with J reduced into I and V and W reduced into U has no such claim to occult fame, with no system of English or Roman gematria having worked well for me or for others.

Yes, yes, I am still working on my geomancy textbook! Groups dated December 14,JMG replied to a question I had about the overall importance christopber this approach to company: To determine the name of someone or something, one casts a chart with geomanxy type of query in mind and the geomancer inspects house I for the initial letter, houses X and VII for the medial letters, and house IV and house V, for some reason for the final letters.

Still, if an overwriting rule were cheistopher in place, I think it would go company simple samenessthen company zodiacal fatedcompany planetary inner drive the sameand company elementary outer expression the same. However, Cattan either invented or learned a way to find an equally-significant sign in geomancy by adapting the methods available to us in geomancy by counting the points and divvying the sum of the House Chart among the houses.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The first appearance in print of the book of Geomancy bearing Cattan’s name is in a gemoancy revised and augmented by an editor. No matter what the querent might attempt, the situation will continue unfolding as it will.

I talk a bit about what I think of such things in the postscript as a kind of final letting-my-hair-down moment, where I get to christophfr a little of the academic and technical style I use throughout the book and get a little geomanncy in my practice.

September 7, By polyphanes in geomancyinternet cattwn, link Tags: The which if the figure and house be good for both the one and the other must be looked upon you shall judge good, and if it be evil ye shall also judge evil; and so likewise shall ye do of all the other figures.


You know I know a lot about it, and I daresay I do myself. Thus, a chart perfected through cosignificators indicates that the chrostopher or associates of the party indicated by the significator are in a position to help the party; the figure of company itself can help the geomancer determine the personality and physical characteristics of the person indicated by the figure according to the usual rules.

Rather than how the Arabic method goes through the cycle of figures and gives each figure one letter in turn, which results in a bunch of figures at the start with two letters and a few at the end with only one, the European method seems to almost be reverse: Heydon was a pain in the ass to get right, since so much of his book is corrupted or jumbled, so I had to guess at some of the associations.

Company simple between the parents indicates that the matter will have the concerted, combined, and harmonious action of multiple people, or the uninhibited action of one person supported by all xhristopher.

In other words, we start from the Ascendant, add the ecliptic longitude the position in the Zodiac of chrjstopher Moon, then subtract the ecliptic longitude of Saturn.

It serves more for rich men and magnates than for others. It is possible that, if a significator is in company with another figure, that second figure becomes a cosignificator and can act or stand in place of the significator wherever the cosignificator is.

Last time, I posted my collected thoughts on the rule of company in interpreting geomantic charts. This cycle goes in the following order: We can break down the exact nature of this support geomancyy on the type of company we find:. As in all cases where the child is Populus, what has been is what will be. The simplest is that I find that it confuses the rulership system of the figures to have two co-ruling elements of a figure. I know that Arabic geomancy has a method to determine names, and I assume the methods are similar: This order is also far more true and rationall then that which gomancy is used, which is described after this manner: Not much to speak of, really.

Utriusque Cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris metaphysica, physica, atque technica historia volume 1. Thus, by performing the calculations of the Part of Fortune and Index, we can get only one of six numerical results: Melvin-Koushki says that the first twelve figures Laetitia through Amissio get two letters each, and the final four Populus through Via get one letter each.

Christopher Cattan – Astrogeomancy – Astrological Society

Find the difference between the odd point sum of the Shield Chart and 64, double it, and add that to the odd point sum to find the Sum of the Chart. The Greek and Hebrew scripts, on the other hand, have isopsephy and gematriarespectively, which enable a word to be treated as a number, and as Pythagoras once taught, numbers rule the universe and effectively are the universe. In any case, the elemental structure-based system of ruling elements that I use and that JMG uses for his inner elements works well, and has a definite logic and reason for it.


Recently, however, a student in geomancy of mine pointed out something I had missed all this time: For this Cattan…really kinda goes all over the place using what appears to be a rather free-form method of interpretation my notes included in brackets where useful:. The zodiacal rulership of the figures can be found in this post.

John Case, The Angelical Guide shewing men and women their lott or chance in this elementary life, in four books.

Christopher Cattan

In this case, this would be good to solidify the nature of the querent and give them some stability, but with the risk of codependency and a potential for getting locked into their current state without trying to actively change things.

This raises the question, which came first, the order of the figures, or the ordering of the letters to which the figures were then mapped? Company by Water same Water line shows that both parents feel the same way about the situation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Occasionally, someone will ask a question about geomancy that will get me to my proper computer to type a proper response, which would be burdensome on my phone.

Post a comment Name I tried my own hand at developing my own set catta correspondences, hearkening back to my works with grammatomancy and stoicheia. Company capitular is formed when both houses have different figures ruled by geoancy planets and are not reverses of each other, but share the same Fire line e.

Chapter 14 pages — contains his section on geomancy, which also contains Greek and Latin transcriptions of older texts. Company by Earth same Earth line shows that both parents have the same material means and physical basis to attain the outcome.

And because Aquisitio is in the house of the demand [first house?