PDF | On Jan 1, , Agnieszka Guzik and others published Epidemiologia w ” Rehabilitacja w chorobie Parkinsona” /red/ Kwolek A. PDF | Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease leading to Zastosowanie tańca w rehabilitacji pacjentów z chorobą Parkinsona. multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease mózgu, stwardnienie rozsiane, choroba Parkinsona Rehabilitacja neurologiczna, tzw. neurorehabilitacja.

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Pathogenetic mechanisms of posttraumatic fibrosis of the uterus of white rats.

This DOI represents all versions, and will always resolve to the latest one. Effects of hypogeomagnetic fields on the structural-functional activity of rat cerebral cortex. A method of dynamic teplometry. The experimental investigation of fibrinolytic system under the paekinsona of flocalin in conditions of acute hypoxic kidney injury.

Effect of prostacyclin and its synthetic analogue MM on renal function in sublimate nephropathy. The influence of active exercise in low positions on the functional condition of the lumbar-sacral segment in patients with discopathy. Wydawnictwo Akademii Wychowania Fizycznego im. The use of otsid in treating patients with chronic gastroduodenitis and duodenal peptic ulcer.

Renal function in rats facing water and salt rehwbilitacja under exposure to cadmium dichloride. User Username Password Remember me. You can cite all versions by using the DOI The functional response of kidneys under influence ofI in albino rats. The use of hormones indicators in human saliva in diagnosing parodontitis in pregnant women.


Parazitologiya, 51 2 Central European Journal of Medicine, 7 4 Controllable amplifier for registering tissue blood flow by the hydrogen clearance method. Characteristics of the osmoregulatory function of the kidneys during physiological pregnancy. Effect of sodium-rich diet and captopril on the functional state of kidney in rats with experimental hyperthyreosis.

Effect of treatment with cryopreserved chorona neuronal cells on prooxidant-antioxidant balance in rats with experimental cranio-skeletal injury.

Rehabilitation in Parkinson Disease

The water-electrolyte balance in rats with acute overheating and forced rehydration. Chlorine dioxide as an agent for optimization of drinking water preparation. Causal relationships between the parameters of gas discharge visualization and principal neuroendocrine factors of adaptation.

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation in Parkinson’s disease: Email the author Login required. Isolation of fractions containing natriuretic hormone from blood plasma and their testing in in vivo and in vitro experiments. Methodological approaches to pedagogical control of the functional and motor fitness of the girls from grades. Effect of the complex pathogenetic treatment on the state of the osmoregulating activity of the kidneys in pregnant women with late toxemia.

A randomized, sham-controlled clinical trial. Characteristics of the kidney functional state after a single dose of thyroxine in white rats. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 17 3 Central European Journal of Medicine, 9 6 Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 22 3 Versions Version 1 The respective effects of ethyl alcohol and grape polyphenols upon the morphological index of rat kidneys.


June 15, Journal article Open Access. Renal mechanisms of the osmotic homeostasis maintenance on a background of the salt test. Combined physiotherapy of anxiety and depression disorders in dorsopathy patients.

Rehabilitation in Parkinson Disease | Dobosiewicz | Journal of Education, Health and Sport

Using the methods correctly can help the patient to overcome the symptoms at daily life and improve their quality of life. The protective action rehxbilitacja alpha-tocopherol on kidney function and lipid peroxidation in acute hemic hypoxia. On early diagnosis of metabolic disorders in gastric lining of pilots. Gait and balance disorders are the most basic symptoms of PD.

Rehabilitation in Parkinson Disease | Zenodo

PZWLWarszawas. Human Movement, 17 1 The effect of prostacyclin and its synthetic analog MM on kidney function in corrosive sublimate-induced nephropathy. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 17 2 Influence of arginine on the renal functional condition of rats in sublimate nephropathy.