Abstract. We studied the population structure, spatial patterns, and activity patterns of the water opossum (Chironectes minimus) via. Abstract. The male genital system was examined in 9 male specimens of Chironectes minimus (2 adult and 7 young) from Brazil. Unlike other. AnAge entry for Chironectes minimus. Classification (HAGRID: Genus: Chironectes; Species: Chironectes minimus; Common name: Water opossum ( yapok).

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The epididymides are divided into head, body, and tail regions. A light band runs across the forehead anterior to the ears, which are rounded and naked.

This species shows pre-copulatory behaviors, with males and females developing strong social bonds.

False-positive occupancy models produce less-biased occupancy estimates for a rare and elusive bat species. Females are polyestrous and breed up to 2 to 3 times per breeding season. The animal lives in bankside burrows, emerging after dusk to swim and search for fishcrustaceans and other aquatic animals, which it minimua on the bank.

Digestive Physiology and Nutrition of Marsupials. Along its course there is a sequence of 3 waterfalls up miimus 12 m high. Unlike most opossum species, its tail is critical to its exceptional swimming ability.

Males had between Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

ADW: Chironectes minimus: INFORMATION

The local name for the water opossum, “yapok”, probably comes from chirpnectes name of the Oyapok River in French Guiana. Apparently the pouch is used to protect the scrotum only when the animal is moving swiftly, swimming, or diving Marshall Articles with ‘species’ microformats CS1 errors: By the time young open their eyes, they are too large to remain in their mother’s pouch but continue to nurse.

M1, M2, and M3 were males, and F1 and F2 were females. Team WILD, an elite squadron of science superheroes, needs your help! Accessed April 17, at http: Brown four-eyed opossum M.

Water opossum

The forefeet can be used to feel for and grab prey as the yapok swims, propelled by its tail and webbed back feet. Ecology of the water opossum Chironectes minimus in Atlantic forest streams of southeastern Brazil.


The first 2 species were captured both in traps within the river and at the margin; the latter 2 were captured only in traps at the margin. Prey chrionectes primarily of crustaceansbut also includes aquatic insects and frogs.

The cloaca communicates externally through the cloacal cleft.

Ventral chironectws of abdomino-pelvic regions of A male and B female Chironectes minimus under dorsal recumbency and preserved in liquid medium. At 48 days of age, the young opossums detach from the nipples but still nurse and sleep with the mother.

To test the null hypothesis that trapping success was not affected by the use of bait, we performed a t -test. Individuals M3 and F2 were located together and used dens close to each other.

Diet, activity patterns, foraging movement and responses to deforestation of the aquatic tenrec Limnogale mergulus Lipotyphla: Encased at the radix penis are chironecres pairs of bulbourethral glands lateral and medial.

A more precise role for this pigmentation should be an interesting topic for future investigations. Home-range analysis using radio-tracking data—a review of problems and techniques particularly as applied to the study of mammals?

These tactile hairs aid them in maneuvering through water, sensing nearby predators and potential prey. The water opossum has several adaptations for its watery lifestyle.

Share on Facebook Tweet Send email. It is also the only living marsupial in which both sexes have a pouch. Email alerts New issue alert.

Only Mondolfi and Padilla also captured individuals in rivers with different characteristics, that is, without riparian forest, and with sandy substrate and slow-moving, muddy water. Predation on water opossum Chironectes minimus by roadside hawk Rupornis magnirostris. Out of 47 captures, 38 were of 18 males and 9 were of 3 females individuals: We also described the activity pattern of water opossums to determine whether activity is homogeneously distributed throughout the night or if there are well-defined peaks of activity.


Within the first 38 days, offspring develop fur pigmentation and their eyes begin to open.

Chironectes minimus – #2352

Elliot, ; Marshall, ; Marshall, ; McLean, minimuw Nowak and Wilson, Primary Diet carnivore eats non-insect arthropods omnivore Animal Foods amphibians fish insects aquatic crustaceans Plant Foods leaves fruit macroalgae Predation There is little information available regarding predators specific to Chironectes minimus.

Following the method developed by Bressiani and Graipelwe minimmus double-door wire-mesh live traps This technique consists of following the transmitter signal until visual contact chironeftes the animal tracked is achieved White and Garrott In periods of high rainfall, when the river levels are high, water opossums are seldom captured and therefore population levels are underestimated.

Assessing space use in meadow voles: In our study, it was not possible to determine whether females had exclusive home lengths, because on no occasion were 2 females radiotracked at the same time. We detected activity as fluctuations in the transmitter’s signal strength. Help us share the wonders of the natural world. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Common familial groups consist of one female, one male and their offspring, larger groups are uncommon. A Penis retracted of Micoureus demerarae displaying prominent sigmoid flexure SF. In gray four-eyed opossumsa closely related species, females leave young unattended for up to two weeks as they forage for food, suggesting little parental investment in young.

It has also been observed at high elevations trailing rivers along mountains. There is no information available regarding the average lifespan of water opossums in the wild.

Location of study area in Brazil and in Rio de Janeiro State left ; middle course of the Aguas Claras River subbasin, with the studied rivers and tributaries right.