Chaffoteaux & Maury Ltd., as a leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial water heating appliances, as well as domestic unvented direct and indirect. Boiler Manuals for the Chaffoteaux & Maury range. Chaffoteaux Calydra Range · Chaffoteaux Centora Green Range · Previous Page · Find Your Local Branch. Chaffoteaux Water Heaters Boiler Manuals, Gas Manuals, over Free Gas Boiler Manuals, Gas Installation Manuals, Gas Servicing Manuals, Gas User.

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If it is necessary to contact an engineer, then telephone the national warranty helpline The menu number is displayed for 3 seconds. External Sensor Set-up The speed setting is described in chapter 9. Connect gas pressure gauge to test point 39 Fig. In the unlikely event of any problems with your boiler or system you should first contact your installer. Provision must be made to fill and recharge the system pressure. Removing The Fuses Showers Any shower valves used with the appliance should be of a thermostatic or pressure balanced type.

DHW Open the main cold feed valve All fittings and pipework connected to the appliance should be of the same standard.

THe manufacturer declines all responsibility for improper or negligent use.

Removing The Pump Pay special attention to not bend the condensates silicone drain pipe such as the flow will be interrupted. Removing The Overheat Thermostat Check for water soundness. XX Switching the combustion rate down to minimum power.


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Refer to the shower manufacturer for performance guidance and suitability. Explain how to register guarantee. Precaution to avoid freezing We recommend you to contact your installer or local service centre to take precautions adapted to your system. Although adjustment is not normally necessary, the by pass can be reset by turning screw D Fig.

Press on setting key to confirm the value. The service history of the appliance will be recorded on the Log Book. Lowering The Control Panel Anti-freeze And Anti-sieze Mode Check the inlet gas pressure working pressure while boiler is operating in hot water mode. Answer a few simple questions to see whether it is a simple fix with no engineer required.

The enclosed charts indicate the residual head of the pump available for the system. Set system pressure and remove filling loop. It is a room sealed, fan assisted, balanced flued appliance providing central heating.

This takes into account the minimum appliance side clearances of 5 mm.

Allow pump to run for several minutes. If this is the case, your installer must inspect the system. Air in the gas pipe Contact your local service centre.

Chaffoteaux & Maury Mira System CF Manuals

Existing energy customers Manage your energy Moving home. Press on or key on the Right side to change from a section to the previous or the next in a menu. This appliance must only be used for the purpose for which it is designed. Please refer to the table bellow to diagnose the default.

The minimum acceptable clearances are shown below: Expansion vessel – Pre-charge pressure The flue should rise up slightly to the terminal in order to let the condensate coming back kanual the boiler.


If the pressure is below the minimum recommended value, the pressure must be brought into the acceptable range. The digits will for a while to indicate that the operation is completed. Set the by pass refer to the paragraph bellow.

Gas valve restrictor diameter If there is a requirement for maual demands, for example if the property has several bathrooms and cloakrooms, a vented or unvented hot water storage system may be used. Setting procedure is finished. The service history of the appliance will be marked on the logbook. If required, there is space for all piping to pass behind the boiler. Terms And Conditions Of Guarantee If using a room thermostat or other external control: If the room thermostat is calling for heat, a dot will be displayed at the bottom of the 3rd digit 19 13 How to Use continued Stand by mode A fixed digit at the centre of the display and the green indicator 33 on Putting the boiler in stand by mode and anti freeze system.

Re-flush the system to remove any dissolved oils and fluxes. You’ll need Adobe Reader to view it. Press on Central Manuak switch chaffoteau Fig.