By , the issue of autonomy reforms had become critical and had drawn international interest. In November of that year, the Council of. Génesis y praxis de la Carta autonómica de en Puerto Rico (Spanish Edition) [Eda Milagros Burgos-Malavé] on *FREE* shipping on. Carta autonomica de pdf. log ciwwo – Downloader. Carta autonomica de. pdf. Download Carta autonomica de pdf.

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On March 1, the first telegraph lines were formally registered and authorized by the Spanish colonial government.

Relaciones entre España y Puerto Rico

Subsequently, the governor had no authority to intervene in civil and political matters unless authorized to do so by the Cabinet. On August 8, Hurricane San Ciriaco strikes the island. A state of war existed between Spain and the United States and all diplomatic relations were suspended. The Spanish Crown abolished slavery in Puerto Rico.

The charter also provided for the creation of a cabinet by the wining coalition or party. The Cuban rebels immediately rejected the overture and eventually so did the autonomistas in Puerto Rico, who also decided not to participate in the elections. Jules Cambon, a French diplomat, also negotiated on Spain’s behalf.

Agriculture, the main source of income, was limited by lack of roads, rudimentary tools and equipment, and natural disasters, such as hurricanes and periods of drought. On November, the Liberal Reformist Party is founded. Brooke became the first American military governor. By it was clear that sooner or later the Cuban rebels would win the war.

Soon after the second class battleship Maine exploded in Havana harbor on February autnomica,the U. There seem to be over 20, dd invalidated or not counted. On June 4, as a result of Roman Baldorioty de Castro, Luis Padial and Julio Vizcarrondo efforts, the Moret Law is approved, with this law liberty was given to slaves born after September 17, and to slaves over 60 years old.


The school licensed autonomixa school teachers, formulated school methods, and held literary contests. This institution contributed greatly to the intellectual and literary progress of the Island. The new regime was inaugurated On February 8, and general elections were held in Auonomica 27 of the same.

Brief Read on the Carta Autonómica of – in cOHERENT Thoughts

The castle is held by rebels for 24 hours causing panic in the city when the cannon are turned around and aimed at the city streets. Notify me of new comments via email. The two factions became the first true political organizations in the island.

Manuel Rojas plantation located in Lares became the headquarters for like-minded revolutionaries who would push for a split from Spain. The rebellion is planned by a group, led by Dr. Yale under the command of Capt.

Puerto Rico’s History

The American peace commission consisted of William R. The federal military forces changed the name of the island to Porto Rico. The telephone service is inaugurated in San Juan. Notify me of new posts via email. On May, General George W. Davis succeeded to Island command.

Henna and Todd also provided the U. On October 29, Hurricane Saint Narciso strikes the island. Approximately 3, people died in the floods and thousands were left without shelter, food, or work. The Cuban rebels themselves had become an unwanted third party. On November 18, an earthquake occurred with an approximate magnitude of 7. This posture was the result of a century-old policy which favored, and was ready to support Spanish sovereignty over the island.


The hurricane is named San Ciriaco for the name of the saint on whose day the hurricane struck Puerto Rico.

The content is the intellectual property of Magaly Rivera or her content providers. However, the circumstances of such success must be examined. On July 18, General Nelson A. The majority of Puerto Ricans lived in extreme poverty.

Eight days later the United States invaded Puerto Rico.

However, as established by Article 41, the governor retained command of all the armed forces in the island, and all authorities and offices remained subordinated to his office. As a result of its victory over Spain, and by virtue of the Treaty of Paris of December 10,the United States gained full control over Puerto Rico, Guam, Wake island, and the Philippines, and limited control — by the Teller Amendment — over Cuba.

President William McKinley requested authorization from the U. The owners were compensated with 35 million pesetas per slave, and slaves were required to continue working for three more years.

Sixteen Puerto Rican delegates were to be elected by popular vote to represent the island in the cortes of the kingdom while three senators were to be chosen by an assembly of elected officials to serve in the Peninsular Congress.