can lis. coursework on materials + daylight + understanding architecture. mallorca . So instead Jørn Utzon bought land near Porto Petro. Beyond the tourist trail on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Jørn Utzon built his family summer house, Can Lis, in the s. Jennifer McMaster. Architect Yoshiharu Tsukamoto of Atelier Bow-Wow shared with us his experience visiting Jørn Utzon’s Can Lis, a house on Majorca, Spain.

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Can Lis loggia showing thick stone pillars of a pink local stone.

Visiting Can Lis – Jørn Utzon’s House on Majorca | JA+U

Ljs opening the door, another outdoor space appeared, with a crescent shaped opening in the opposite wall. A number of days, the house is open to visitors typically between In the framework thus created by the house, we, as flesh and blood beings, are positioned at the center of the spatial and historical expanse possessed by the Mediterranean Sea and its sun, moon, winds, and sandstone.

Here, because of the windows, the wind that had played freely in the terrace is excluded, and only the sun and views remain. Seems you are enjoying our articles! Here, because of the humidity and the shadows from the building and pine trees, the surface of the sandstone has blackened. Photography Yasuhiro Nakayama Shinkenchiku-sha.

Living here, one would surely feel as if enveloped by the earth, embraced by the earth. Get your copy here today!

Precast concrete joists connect the pairs of beams, and arched terracotta tiles are fitted between the joists to produce the roof. If one stands up, the volume of sea increases and there is less sky, but this cannot be considered the standard eye height for the room. Pavilions set around simple courtyard spaces.

The walls were capped with a line of terracotta roof tiles, set at a slight incline toward the outside. Beyond them, near the street, the stone walls of Can Lis appeared.


It was the same stone as used at Can Lis. When one sits on the crescent stone sofa in the middle of the room, the horizon line of the sea reaches the very center of the windows in the apertures.

I visited Majorca in November with the assistance of Lise Juel, the architect who was designing jlrn restoration of Can Lis. Inside Can Lis, the signature crescent moon motif can be seen. Windows frame interior vignettes, external vistas and light play. As we drove along, farm storage buildings of yellowish sandstone block also appeared. Can Lis has been singled out by several leading architecture critics as one of the most important houses of the 20th century.

Packed with tourist resorts, themed restaurants and go-karting tracks, the island ugzon teeming in summer, while, in winter, its shops lie boarded up and dormant.

The desire one feels to sit and enjoy dinner here is due to its arrangement: The number of visitors lix be limited on a “first come, first served” basis.

The impression given by the house of being divorced from reality perhaps derives from this fact. The sandstone terrace is a stage offered to the Jjorn Sea, the sun, and the moon. Based on these drawings and with the jlrn of the local building contractor Jaime Vidal, the house’s final design emerged during the course of the building process. Driving from the airport through fields of olive trees, we began to see windmills here and there.

None of the windmills was spinning, and in their stillness, their triangular white blades, shining in the sun, stood out vividly. The front door, when opened, displays the relief of a half crescent moon, a motif that reappears throughout the house: The height of our eye when sitting on the sofa tells us that, here in this place, the sea and sky meet, and we are utzno with what lies beyond the horizon.

Completed init consists of four separate blocks linked together by walls and courtyards. He was enchanted by the island and decided to build a summer residence there.


The simplicity utzln which Utzon has bonded the glass to the stone from the outside, with a wood frame, is moving. Behind jorj protective wall, Can Lis is arranged as a series of discrete pavilions connected by transitional space. Yet, window glass has in fact been installed from the outside. Jan Utzon Kim Utzon.

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Cala media luna Half-moon cove. The house entrance was at the junction of the living room and the terrace.

Tags stonehousesrestoration. Courtyards between pavilions offer quiet moments. It lies just beyond one of the many tourist towns that ring the coast, yet it feels of another world entirely.

a raw paradise : architecture : Can Lis by Jørn Utzon : mallorca spain

Because the opening in each aperture has no window frame, the room appears wide open to the elements. Can Lis at dusk. In his extensive monograph on Utzon, Richard Weston considers Can Lis to be “one of the finest houses built in the twentieth jogn.

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Inui on the important role of sketching. Retrieved 24 September The exterior view framed by the niche is divided in two, sky above and sea below. Jennifer McMaster Behind this protective wall, Can Lis is arranged as a series of discrete pavilions connected by transitional space. Because of the tiles and also the soft appearance of the sandstone, the walls, although built of stone, did not appear cold and impersonal.

The weathered pink stone of Can Lis evokes images of ancient ruins. What manner of varied program will the wind, light, and shadows unfold for us, amid this confrontation between flatness of sea and flatness of stone? The four separate blocks are linked together with walls and courtyards. Can Feliz Can Lis.