C Programming A Modern Approach 2nd Edition by K. N. King. Uploaded by. AnaStairs. A Book on C Programming in C (4th Edition). Uploaded by. Xiaofen Wei. Shop our inventory for C Programming: A Modern Approach – 2nd Edition by K. N. King with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!. Table of contents for the book C Programming: A Modern Approach, Second Edition.

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Alternative Spellings Trivia About C Programming: Maintaining a Parts Database Revisited Finding the Roots of a Quadratic Equation Overall it is a good book to have but I would not call it exceptionally. Sahil rated it liked it Jan 26, Computing Averages Program: After modren about seven chapters I fall in programming love, and only two chapters ahead and it becomes one of the most interesting things that I did before.

C Programming: A Modern Approach

Jan 27, Daniel Chase rated it it was amazing. Testing Whether a Number Is Prime 9. Preview — C Programming by K. This is especially true for advanced mathematics.

  ASTM D2196 PDF

It’s a “modern approach,” and yet the version of C it covers is decades old. Maintaining a Parts Database XOR Encryption Using printf to Format Numbers 40 Escape Sequences 41 3. The book tries to cover all the aspects of C, underlining the C99 standards.

C Programming: A Modern Approach

Jsshim rated it it was amazing Feb 06, This book helps simplify the language quite a bit. Printing a Table of Squares Revisited 6. It’s kind of strange for a book to call itself modern when it’s no longer modern.

Time for a 3rd edition?

The main advantage of this book is clearly the coverage of the “modern” C99 standard. While everything else is constantly changing, C is still basically C.

Scott Shill rated it it was amazing Sep 22, All those weirdnesses about C that make people scratch k.n.oing heads, this book either explains it, or a This is an excellent, thorough tutorial on the C programming language. This book was the first book which I k.n.kung in Computer science.

C Programming: A Modern Approach by K.N. King

A delight, well above the classic C book. By the way, I was there as a student at the very beginning when Dr. A perfect book for learning C programming language. A Modern Approach by K.


It’s a very powerful book to begin learning programming with, despite it illustrates a very old programming language in the programming world which is C programming PaperbackSecond Editionpages. Examples were straightforward, and only offered when they were helpful.

Every language has its warts, so it’s important to know they’re just warts, and not just a failure to understand. Well written and easy to follow. The title seems a little ap;roach in It is best used as a teaching book, I don’t use it for reference there are other books that are better at that.

Logic, interesting and systematic! But it’s in the language, so this book includes it.