Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Marc Brysbaert and others published Visual word recognition in a second language: A test of. (Beauvillain, ; Brysbaert, ; de Groot & Kroll, ; Grainger, ; Kroll & .. general failed (e.g. Davis, Castle, & Iakovidis, , Experiment 1 and. 1 Andrew Ellis and Marc Brysbaert were members of the EU Marie Curie the lead neighbours of CASTLE, which share the first three letters.

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The topic of the congress ‘Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World’ will be adressed in 11 sessions. One additional session is reserved for topics outside of the main theme.

More than panels, which adress particular research questions within the main sessions, will be held at the Palatial Residence at Bonn University Main Building. A detailed schedule of the programme can be found here. Economy, society and health-related quality of life in the ancient world: Bioarchaeological perspectives from the Eastern Mediterranean. Wednesday Mittwoch 23 May Geoffrey Kron University of Victoria G. The economic contribution of migrants to ancient societies. Technological transfer, integration, exploitation and interaction of economic mentalities.

Thursday Donnerstag 24 May Friday Freitag 25 May The impact of rivers on ancient economies. Coastal geoarchaeology in the Mediterranean — on the interdependence of landscape dynamics, harbour installations and economic prosperity in the littoral realm. The Riverlands of Aegean Thrace: Halos, a city state on the edge? Saturday Samstag 26 May Vladimir Stissi University of Amsterdam V. River valleys and regional economies.

Environmental factors on regional economies. Production beyond the palaces: Technological and organizational aspects of LBA ceramic manufacture. Michael Galaty University of Michigan M.


Organization of space and work: Producers, Processes, Products, People. Making Wine in Western-Mediterranean B. Production and the Trade of Amphorae: David Mattingly University of Leicester D. Women and men at work! Entrepreneurs, ateliers and craftsmen in the construction and destruction of Roman tombs. Contextualizing craftsmanship in the ancient world: Salt, fish processing and amphorae production across the Mediterranean in the 1st millennium BC.

Kim Brysbaert (kimbrysbaert) on Pinterest

An overview of the technological and economic interactions. The rise of bling: Approaching systems of production through coroplastic studies. Villas, peasant agriculture, and the Roman rural economy.

The logistics and socio-economic impact of construction in Late Republican and Imperial Rome. Productions, solutions, consumptions and representations of the light and its devices for and in ancient spaces. Ancient Serial Production and its Premises.

The role of water in production processes in Antiquity. The production of portrait statuary in Roman cities. Farmhouses in Macedonia from the 4th century. Local styles or common pattern books in roman wall painting and mosaics. Unfinished Details in Ancient Architecture. Quantifying Ancient building economy. Lynne Lancaster Ohio University L. Production of tiles and bricks. Roman and Late Antique glass production. Food production and consumption. Production and distribution of Roman pottery.

AIAC – Sessions and Panels

From the quarry to the monument. The process behind the process: Design and Organization of the work in ancient architecture. The exploitation of raw materials in the Roman world: Koenraad Verboven Ghent University K. Roman and Late Antique industries. The Friction of Connectivity — Greco-Roman trade in archaeology and texts.

Sessions and Panels

Bang University of Copenhagen Mark L. Tolls and ancient economies. Economy and the Maritime Cultural Landscape of Greece. Trade in ancient Sardinia.

Distribution of Greek Vases. Regional exchange castlle ceramics— case studies and methodology. The production and distribution network of the bay of Naples: Hirt University of Liverpool A. Nicola Terrenato University of Michigan N. Revisiting the Roles of Roman Mediterraean Ports.


Simon Keay University of Southampton S. Janet Delaine University of Oxford J. Trade and Commerce in the Harbour Town of Ostia. Alice Landskron University of Graz A. Greek and Etruscan Vases: Men, Goods and Ideas traveling over the sea: Cilicia at the crossroad of Eastern Mediterranean trade network. New approaches to seaborne commerce in the Roman Empire.

Trust, Branding casttle Fakes in the ancient World. Anja Slawisch University of Cambridge A. Roman transport systems I: New applications and methodologies for a better understanding of the transportation networks and the movement of commodities”. Roman transport systems II: Trade and cultural contact in the Iron Age and Brsybaert Mediterranean. The archaeology of cross-cultural trade: Alexandra Villing British Museum A.

John Davies University of Liverpool J. Rebecca Diana Klug R. Peter Mittag University of Cologne P.

Culinary traditions in an entangled world: The eternal message of marble: Textiles and Fashion in Antiquity. Mary Harlow University of Leicester M. Making Value and the Value of Making: Theory and Practice in Craft Production.

Robert Sobak Bowdoin College R. Assemblages of Transport Amphoras: Mark Lawall University of Manitoba M. Classical Food and Diet under the Microscope. Recycling and reuse of sculpture in roman and late antique times.

Caterina Parigi University of Cologne C. The economy of death: