Brechts Frankfurter Rede Der Rundfunk als Kommunikationsapparat (November )/Diskussionen, Wirkungen In seinem Vortrag Der Rundfunk als. I spent a while this morning hunting for the full text of Brecht’s article about the book gives it as “Der Rundfunk als Kommunikationsapparat” in. Bertolt Brecht,“Der Rundfunk als Kommunikationsapparat,” Bertolt Brecht, Gesammelte Werke, ed. ElisabethHauptmann, vol.8 (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp.

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Free download or buy in print. As early as — that is, well before Benjamin — Brecht links the analysis of the new medium of film to utopian expectations.

Playful Interactions with Visual Technologies in Digital Art, Games, Narratives and Social Mediaa five year, ERC-funded project that explores how new algorithmic images are affecting us as a society and as individuals.

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German media theory and their ancestors: Benjamin and Brecht

Friedrich Kittler articulates the paradox: Interaction is by no means possible using the new media of radio or television, as Enzensberger has declared and hoped and as once upon a time Brecht and Benjamin had declared and hoped. At the same time, Benjamin expects the abolition of the typically modern one-to-many communications, which imply a quantitative and qualitative asymmetry between producer def recipients, between sender and receivers.

That prognostic qualities one could call the Marxist kommunukationsapparat of early German media theory. Flusser is taking massive consequences out of his analysis of the rrundfunk infrastructure of the internet. With the aid of this concept, Brecht wishes to abolish the gap between one single sender and numerous receivers.

One reason for this continuity seems to be the continuation of the desire to equippe analysis with prognostic powers.

You always have to fit in the framework of the media format, you are not free to respond as you like. Notify me of new posts by email. As a consequence of this interactive organization of the masses, kommuniiationsapparat whole society will reorganize too — and, I am following the list Enzensberger gave, society will be deliberative and emancipative instead of totalitarian and repressive, it will not manipulate consumers but mobilize and stimulate active participation, it will not alienate individuals from each other but bring them together in collectives S.


I would like to plead, however, for giving up this hierarchical relationship among media technology, social system, semantics, and sensuousness, and also giving up the primacy of technology. Hill and Wang, In case of Becht and Benjamin, they have failed. Consequently, Brecht says art must oppose isolation and develop collective forms.

September by Jill 3 comments. Paul Virilio, the French media theorist, recently declared that “Marxism has become the sacrifice of high technology”. It is purely an apparatus for distribution, dre mere sharing out. This new unity of body and media, continues Bolz, facilitates the reorganization of social life in the medium of a collective body: Browse my other publications or talks and presentations on social media, electronic literature, electronic art.

Media, he defines, are channels of communication which per se exclude kommunikkationsapparat possibility of answering S. What would Brecht, alive today, have done? If you only know what is going on at the level of the hard economic facts and methods of production, if you know what kind of machines and organizations are used to produce goods, you can predict with what kind of society you have to deal with and how it will develop further.

Der Ozeanflug

All we need, are advanced modern technologies. The new technology, he says, has abolished bourgeois art: Now, in order to become positive —— that kokmunikationsapparat, to find out about the positive side of radio broadcasts —— here is a suggestion for changing the function of the radio: That old fascist hierarchy of the broadcasting age would be replaced by a network whose nodes would send and receive at the same time.

The radio could inarguably be ,ommunikationsapparat best apparatus of communication in public life, an enormous system of channels —— provided it saw itself as not only a sender but also a receiver.


New media are unilateral, mono-directional, one point to many points distributors, Baudrillard states.

brecht suggested radio should be peer-to-peer communication – jill/txt

He states that electronic media kommunikatinosapparat always mass-media, and that means to send messages to recipients who could not answer. Here is my CV. Of course you can make a call in call-in-shows or write letters to the editor, but never there will be a authentic feed-back, Baudrillard claims, which is not just pre-calculated and allowed for in the scripts of broadcasting. Today, the magic formula would be interaction or many—to—many communications in a nonhierarchic network. A person wishing to look into things closely will be unable to avoid technology, the most obvious matter.

The differentiation of communication into these functional roles, he says, is abolished for two reasons. Proudly powered by WordPress. We all know the sound of this rapture only to well from the latest media theory hype of the internet culture. Baudrillard has made himself perfectly clear. On this principle the radio should step out of the supply business and organize its listeners as suppliers.

Symptom and cause of this change was the conversion of the conditions of communication —— forced by media—technologies —— from passive consumption to active participation. While are most radios crippled so they can only receive and not also send? The aim of this development is an interactive paradise, in which participants are no longer alienated from themselves and their environment, but are quasi—organically interlocked in the medium of a new immediacy: But it is precisely because technology kommunikationsapparah so close to us that we find it so difficult to analyze.