Energrease LS-EP 2 can be used for the lubrication of plane bearings of any type of machinery, including electric motors, machine tools, textile machinery. BP Energrease LS-EP 2 order online at Bradechem. BP Energrease LS-EP greases which incorporate a lead-free EP (extreme pressure) additive, BP Energrease LS 2 and LS 3 greases are approved by SKF as.

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Description A range of high-quality, lead-free EP oils having outstanding thermal stability and high load-carrying capacity.

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The formulation provides excellent corrosion-protection, anti-foam characteristics, demulsibility and oxidation-resistance. Very good viscosity characteristics ensure that starting torques are not excessive in cold conditions.

The additives are compatible with the ferrous and non-ferrous metals used in industrial gear units. The EP enedgrease are provided by a sulphur-phosphorus additive.

Applications These oils are formulated for the circulatory and bath lubrication of spur, helical and worm-type industrial gears. If you have any questions about compatibility then just give us a call and we will double check for you.

They are approved by. In any system that incorporates electric heaters for effecting rapid warm-up, it is important to avoid high rates of heat input. Description These oils are formulated from highly refined mineral base oils, and incorporate additives that minimize oxidation, deposit-formation, foaming and filter-blocking.

Furthermore, they enhance load-carrying and antiwear properties and combat the effects of water contamination and prevent corrosion. Under these conditions it is important that the oil maintains its high lubrication performance. The Energol RC-R oils meet the requirements of the following standards:.


Description The Energol THB range has been developed to meet the lubrication requirements for turbines and turbo compressors where ls-dp mineral-based oil is required. The additive treatment ensures good anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and demulsification properties, and absence of foaming in service.

Applications The grades in this range meet the lubrication requirements of steam turbines, but are also suitable for gas turbines and compressors. Description Energrease HTG 2 is a non melting grease for the lubrication of bearings at high temperatures.

It has no drop point. This grease is based on an oxidation resistant, thermally stable base oil and an inorganic thickener.

5 x Cartridges 450g Energrease, BP, LS-EP2, NLG12

Applications Energrease HTG 2 is suitable for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings of all sizes and types at high temperature, such as in carriages for hardening, drying in tunnel ovens, also in bearings of bitumen mixing plants, cranes in foundries, hot air blowers, etc.

Where high temperatures are combined with high speed, more frequent re-greasing or grease change is necessary. Description Energrease L 21 M is a lithium-based grease with molybdenum disulphide and containing corrosion and anti-oxidant additives. Applications Energrease L 21 M is intended for general lubrication applications of vehicles and off-highway equipment.

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In particular, slow-moving and heavily loaded equipment and machinery that operates with a reciprocating or short-stroke motion. Enetgrease The Energrease LS-EP range are high enwrgrease lithium based greases incorporating solvent-refined oils, an anti-wear additive, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, which help to ensure long service life of the grease and a high level of protection for metal surfaces.


All grades are water-resistant, and have multi-purpose capability. Applications The Energrease LS-EP greases are intended for use in plain and roller bearings of all kinds of machinery – including electric motors.

Plastic greasing – BP Energrease LS-EP 2 buy in Tashkent

They are recommended for use where surfaces are subjected to heavy or shock loading. Description The Energrease LS-EP range are high quality lithium based greases incorporating solvent refined oils, an anti-wear additive, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, which help to ensure long service life of the grease and a high level of protection for metal surfaces.

All grades are water resistant, and have multi-purpose capability. Machine tools, textile, paper-making, plastic processing and woodworking machines as well as construction equipment.

Main Benefits Attention-free operation between standard overhauls even at elevated temperatures and in adverse conditions. Maximum protection against corrosion and wear.

The Energol RC-R oils meet the requirements of the following standards: Excellent anti-wear performance to extend service life of compressors.

Powerful water -separation and anti-corrosion characteristics to counter adverse effects of moisture contamination. Main Benefits High oxidation stability Wide range temperature of application Easy to dispense Good protection against corrosion Reduces mechanical wear. Main Benefits Good load carrying capability Corrosion resistance Resistance eneegrease wash-off by water Good shear-stability and resistance to vibration.

Main Benefits Suitable for highly loaded applications Multi-purpose capability Long service life Resistance to water wash off Good pumpability Good shear stability and vibration resistance.