BDV-E – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Sony® BDV-E (Blu-ray DiscTM Player/ DVD / Home Theater System- . Easy set-up DVD and one page guide, gives basic speaker set-up instructions. View online or download Sony BDV-E – Blu-ray Disc™ Player Home Theater System Operating Instructions Manual, Firmware Update Manual.

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Install the speakers on a vertical and flat wall wherereinforcement is applied. Subwoofer Msnual reflex mm cone type1. Radio only page 54 C Lights up when stereo sound isreceived.

Sets the system to inform you of newersoftware version information page Installing The System For information about update functions, refer tothe following website: Page 57 To name preset stationsYou can enter a name for preset stations.

Sony Cor poration Printed in Malaysia. To f ind out details on any.

Sony BDV-E – Blu-ray Disc™ Player Home Theater System Manuals

A newer version of your browser may be available. About These Operating Instructions Manjal the anglesIf various angles multi-angles for a scene arerecorded on a disc, you can change the viewingangle. The last received station is tuned in. Connecting The Antenna aerial To listen to TV sound via the system,perform this connection.


Language Code List The optional product lineup differs depending on the area.

Sony BDV-E300 – Blu-ray Disc™ Player Home Theater System Specifications

To name preset stationsYou can enter a name for preset stations. Front Panel Display Page 1 1 The software of this system may be updated in the future.

Place the surround speakers to the rear of the listening position B.

Page of Go. The unit starts downloading, then updatingthe software automatically. Each of these items may be changed later under “Setup.

Fully-disassembled illustrationLower part ofthe speakerSpeaker cordScrewTo install the speakers on a wallBefore installing the speakers on a wall, connect the speaker cord to the speaker. SymptomRemedyThe picture is not outputcorrectly. Why is it important to use the correct supplied USB-cable with my product? The information appears on the TVscreen when you turn the system on.

When you purchase the S-AIR product, youneed to perform the following settings toestablish the sound transmission.

Sony Ericsson BDV-E User Manual – Page 1 of |

These Using the Radio Data names for example, About speaker outputThe table below describes the options when you connect all the speakers to the unit. Page 77 You can setup the following options. The shapeof the wall outlet mains differsdepending manuao the area. See the table below for surround sound effect descriptions. The outputlevel is changed. Do not touch the surface.


The displayed information differs depending onthe disc type and system status. Page 35 Step 5: E Lights up when the external memory isrecognized. Getting Started Getting Started Step 1: You can set the parameters from 0. When you select [Select Language Code], thedisplay for entering the language code appears. Tell us what’s missing. To Connect The Antenna aerial