The Basic Security In the Field e-learning course contains vital security information for personnel, family members and others covered by the UN Security . Basic Security Training in the Field II. Full title: Basic Security Training in the Field II Type: online. Short description: e-learning course by UNDSS on security. Below security trainings (BSITF, ASITF) are mandatory for all UN travels and deployments. Basic and Advanced Security in the Field for external, non-UN staff.

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At the Login window, click on the Forgot Password? You may select among:. SRM is an analytical procedure that has three main steps:.

The Security Level approved after a Structured Threat Assessment does not automatically trigger a relocation or evacuation. How can I save time in submitting a security clearance request which is similar to clearances previously submitted?

The SLS can also be used to compare different threats Armed Conflict, Terrorism, Crime, Civil Unrest and Hazards to each other so that staff and managers can identify the most important basif in their area.

Intranet Home Search Sitemap. The SLS, in io to assigning a security grade or level, also enhances the SRM process by improving the assessment of the threats in any specific operational context.

Under the “Travel Details List” section of My Travel Requests, you can save time by clicking on the icon which indicates “Duplicate travel details. Is it possible to change one’s username? How will decisions be made about relocation and evacuation once the Security Phase System is abolished?

Advanced Security in the Field

Security Clearances must be requested for all countries. The Retrieve Password page will be displayed.

What online security training course do I need to complete? Where can I go to create a NEW security clearance request? If you are submitting the request for yourself, select the button that reads your name.


We received a lot of positive feedback on our presentation of that theme. Why are some Security Levels not shown in the Travel Advisory? Click on “Submit travel details”. Must I provide full contact details when filling in the accommodation form? Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each of your travel segment of your ik travel. It can also compare one threat across different locations. Bsitc your accommodation details Please note: If some of the information is incorrect you can go back to edit as required.

You will also receive an automatic email message regarding your travel request. Although it may appear superficially similar to the Security Phase System, the SLS is actually a significant departure in terms of the methods, ideas and usage. You will see your name will be added to the list of travellers. Existing entitlements connected to these security actions remain as they are now, unless further amended through the inter-agency system. Structure The course is divided into seven modules.

This allows the United Nations to provide appropriate security support to all personnel eligible under UN security arrangements while they are traveling. The Simple form is used to submit a security clearance request consisting of a single travel segment for yourself.

Then click the “Insert” button.

Individual Awareness

Will there be a Security Level for an entire country? Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. Advanced e-course UN system activity. When finished click on the save button In other words, it means that your security clearance request has been granted.

Here, you will find a button labelled “Create New Traveller”. However, you cannot submit security clearance requests. UN security policy requires that all personnel eligible under UN security arrangements traveling bsitr official business obtain a security clearance. For your case, security clearance should be requested using the “complex form” since you wish to add the details of your dependents.


You are strongly advised to do so. For maximum reliability, the Structured Threat Assessment must have a clearly defined geographical area of analysis, called the “Security Level Area”. Security and Safety Service Vienna. Second, there are no mandatory security measures linked to any Security Level.

The responsibility for determining the applicability, scope and amount of the security-related entitlements does not rest with UNDSS.

In order to enhance safety and security awareness for United Nations personnel at the VIC, the Security and Safety Service Vienna is presenting four general cield and security themes to support a safety and security mindset at the VIC. Lakhdar Brahimi recommended, as a matter of priority, the replacement of the current UN Security Phase System, as it was considered to be one of the main difficulties which UN managers face in the field.

Length It should take you about hours to complete this self-paced course. I need to prove that I have a security fieeld, but I have not received an email notification? By providing accurate information about your itinerary and contact details, UN security officials can provide you with updated information and know where to reach you and your family if other security measures are needed to ensure your safety.

What does it mean to be “Cleared” or “Approved”? This course is composed of seven self-paced animated modules, including various examples and activities. This is as good as an approved security clearance.