Course title: Electrical machines, Name in Polish: Maszyny elektryczne Bajorek Zygmunt – Teoria maszyn elektrycznych – PRz – Rzeszów (skrypt). -. Bajorek. Bajorek Zygmunt, Teoria maszyn elektrycznych, PRz – Rzeszów (skrypt).,; Bajorek Zygmunt, Rodziński Jan, Maszyny elektryczne. Ćwiczenia rachunkowe, PRz. Bajorek Z., ‘Teoria maszyn elektrycznych’. (‘Theory of electric machines’), ed. PWN,. (in Polish). 2. Bednarz W., Gieras J., Piniarski W., ‘Dy- namic properties.

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Karta modułu kształcenia

Electricity Distribution Effectiveness Authors: The module of the education embraces the partition of basic machines, their principle of operation, equivalent circuit, types of work and the basic characteristics and properties of movement.

DC generator – generator types, properties, elektryczych. The transformer – construction and principle of operation, equivalent circuit, phasor diagram, states of the work, characteristics. A DC machines – types of machines.


Electrical machines

An example of the calculation. Efficiency and distribution losses. Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content.

As shown in Fig. The contact details of the coordinator: The position in the studies teaching programme: The data and Fig.

The faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering. The student knows the types of the transformer’s works, substitute diagrams and phasor diagrams. The ways of veryfing every mentioned outcome of teaching. Consumption of reactive power by loads would maszgn, at least in part, the power generated in excess by high voltage power lines, i.

Hydropower plants with sufficient power rating are such sources in power systems.

The system controls the opening of the wicket gate and position of rotor blades synchronous generator with the following rating: The student understands the conditions of teamwork. Students are able to solve systems of equations, known Kirchhoff’s law.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. The name of the module department: The student has knowledge of: The synchronous generator of unit no. Reset Password Students You are not logged in log in. The student knows the design and operation of synchronous machine. Wilhelm RojewskiMarian Sobierajski. The student knows the types and characteristics of the machine.


Parallel operation of transformers.

Electrical machines – Courses – USOSweb – Politechnika Rzeszowska

How to cite Z. The student knows the principles of operation and construction of transformer. The sequence of the above-mentioned steps and the overall active power consumption by auxiliary equipment in unit no. The student knows the design and operation of DC machines.

Some basic information about the module

DC motor – starting, electromechanical characteristics, speed control. Then, auxiliary equipment in unit no. Synchronous machine motor operation – start, electromagnetic torque, angular characteristics.