Aurobindo Ghose, better known as Sri Aurobindo is known to the entire world as a great scholar, a national leader and a spiritual guru. Freedom fighter, poet, scholar and philosopher, Aurobindo Ghose was born on August 15, in Kolkata, West Bengal. He belonged to an illustrious lineage. 20 hours ago Aurobindo Ghosh Biography For Students: Freedom fighter, poet, scholar, yogi and philosopher. Aurobindo Ghosh worked towards cause of.

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Aurobindo Ghose Biography

Hinduism Hinduism in the West Indian philosophy Indian religions. India Gandhi Beauty Painting. To sum up, his educational philosophy is an eclectic philosophy embracing idealism as regards to lofty aims, realism as regards to approach, pragmatism as to action and humanism as regards to ambition.

Aurobindo was recorded in the census as Aravinda Ghose, as he was also by the University of Cambridge. The National Archives of the UK: I feel that I am ready to make the sacrifice which that example demands of ghossh.

Biography – Sri Aurobindo

No part of this website may be reproduced commercially without written permission. He admitted his path was not always easy and could be quite arduous. He believed that the basic principles of matter, life, and mind would be succeeded through terrestrial evolution by the principle of supermind as an intermediate power between the two spheres of the infinite and the finite. He said that the main aim of education is to develop spirituality.

His defence counsel was Chittaranjan Das. The boys were taught Latin by Drewett and his wife. He started a daily newspaper Bande Mataram in Biography of John Dewey Located near the sea shore at Pondicherry having a number of fine buildings scattered over a vast territory, the Ashram homes to over inmates stretching from India to other parts of the globe and provides a serene atmosphere of peace and harmony.


He believed that national system of education can help in the development of spirit and as such it should have a spiritual foundation. Retrieved 13 April Retrieved 6 February The one aim of his Yoga is an inner self-development by which each one who follows it can in time discover the One Self in all and evolve a higher consciousness than the mental, a spiritual and supramental consciousness which will transform and divinise human nature.

And, furthermore the ideas of the Upanishads “can be rediscovered in much of the thought of Pythagoras and Plato and form the profoundest part of Neo-platonism and Gnosticism biobraphy Finally, the larger part of German metaphysics “is little more in substance than an intellectual development of great realities more spiritually seen in this ancient teaching.

Sri Aurobindo Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

His contribution to the field of education must not be underrated. The institution provides a conducive atmosphere for free growth of the child in an integral manner. That divinity in man is not be insulted but to be unmasked in a free environment. No religious teaching arobindo of any value unless it is lived. Each of these has to be given a proper place in a whole-some scheme of education. The Secrets of the Veda. According to him, education in order to be true must keep three cardinal things-the man, the nation or people and universal humanity into its consideration.

Darjeeling was a centre of British life in India and the school was run by Irish nuns, through which the boys would have been exposed to Christian religious teachings and symbolism. These were later collected and published in book form in three volumes of Letters on Yoga. He said it as aurobinvo means through which one can come in contact with the true self and unite the separate parts of oneself and can also see the same divine in others. Indrani Sanyal and Krishna Roy eds.

Another key note of his philosophy lies in his emphasis on the trinity of the Indian genius: His maternal grandfather was a name to reckon with in Bengali literature and was an important figure in the nationalist movement. By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. Inafter four years of secluded yoga, he started a monthly philosophical magazine called Arya.


The Isha Upanishad is considered to be one of the most important and more accessible writings of Sri Aurobindo. Its growth marks the stage which the spiritual evolution of the individual is reached.

During this period, he studied the Bhagavad Gita and other religious texts and developed an interest in yoga and meditation. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. Sri Aurobindo died on 5 December Notify me of new posts by email.

Sri Aurobindo’s close spiritual collaborator, Mirra Alfassa b. Another role of teacher is towards the genius of the pupils which is to be recognised and teacher should not stifle it by the routine monotonous work.

Yet his writings and outer life give a profound glimpse into the life of this unique spiritual master.

Sri Aurobindo

His aurobind died upon hearing this news. Sri Aurobindo was an Indian nationalist but is best known for his philosophy on human evolution and Integral Yoga. Letters on Himself and the Ashram. There was little contact with his father, who wrote only a few letters to his sons biographu they were in England, but what communication there was indicated that he was becoming less endeared to the British in India than he had been, on one occasion describing the British Raj as a “heartless government”.

At Pondicherry Sri Aurobindo was able to dedicate himself fully to his spiritual disciplines. Quotes By Sri Aurobindo Revolutionaries. Born in as the third son of Dr.