ATC 7110.65 PDF

ATC 7110.65 PDF

ATC Zero (Air Traffic Control Zero) is an official term used by the U.S. Federal Aviation as prescribed in FAA Orders JO , JO , and JO FAA This publication governs the Air Route Traffic Control Centers, Approach Controls and Air Traffic Control Towers. This lovely document covers. The FAA AIM and ATC () documents don’t mention the ICAO equivalent. But I found it in the US AIP: () At times a clearance may.

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Tel Email: Pate and Yoderrespondents Pate and Yoder were operating a Boeing Pate was 7110.5 in command and Yoder was second in command.

As they were approaching Cedar Rapids, Iowa for landing, the pilots were instructed to descend to an altitude of 2, feet and to maintain a heading of 50 degrees.

However, shortly after receiving that clearance, they turned their aircraft to a heading of degrees and climbed to an altitude of 3, feet. When the pilots realized that the aircraft had climbed above its assigned altitude, they immediately began a descent back to 2, However, the combination of improper altitude and incorrect heading resulted in a loss of standard separation when the aircraft came within feet vertically and two and one-half miles laterally of another airliner.



ATC made no comment regarding the deviations and the pilots landed without further incident. In Brasherthe ATC deviation notification provision at issue was substantially similar to the language cited by Pate and Yoder. The Board also noted that the FAA had specifically told the pilot community that the deviation notification policy was intended, in part, to allow pilots the opportunity to prepare a response to claims of ATC clearance deviations. Based upon Brasher and other similar cases, as well as the supplemental information provided by the FAA, the Board held that Pate and Yoder were entitled to a waiver of sanction because they did not receive afc ATC notification of deviation consistent with the provisions of paragraph of the ATC manual.

They merely eliminate the potential sanction 1710.65 with FAR violations. Thus, the violations of FAR Subject to the limitations of the ASRS program e.

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