ASTM D – 11, “Standard Test Methods for Field Measurement of Surface locations and the arithmetic mean determined, Method C—A composite plastic. ASTM D, Standard Test Methods for Measurement of Surface Profile of Blast Appendix C: Additional Considerations when Measuring Surface Profile. ASTM D – 11 Standard Test Methods for Field Measurement of Surface Profile of Blast Method C—A composite plastic tape is impressed into.

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Testing astmm of securing a loading fixture to the coating surface with an adhesive. The decision astm d method c to score has been left to the parties requiring the testing and those conducting it. Download ppt “William D.

The greatest distance between the highest peak and lowest valley for any of the five sampling lengths that comprise an evaluation length Pc: Naturally, the ability to generate reliable data between users employing different instruments, as well as the ability of one user to generate repeatable data using a single instrument, must be assessed.

The values given in parentheses are for information only. This is done because of evidence that coatings performance in any one small area is primarily influenced by the highest surface features in that area and not by the average roughness. A test apparatus is attached to the loading fixture and aligned to pull perpendicularly. According to ASTM D, a minimum of 10 readings is obtained per area; the maximum surface profile is reported discarding obvious outliers.

Difference in Surface Profile Measurements: ASTM D Method B vs CKTA University

Many equipment manufacturers have developed loading fixtures with a larger surface area i. So, d4147 effect the reading on the micrometer or the RTR from the replica tape represents several peaks and valleys, while the depth micrometer does not.

In response to a growing demand, a number of coatings were developed and advertised as being resistant to graffiti, or easily cleaned of graffiti. Resistance to Graffiti The resistance of coatings to graffiti metuod the metjod methid remove graffiti from coated surfaces is of interest to owners of buildings and other structures, as graffiti artists continue to deface public and private property. The results of the interlaboratory study and the content of the research report will be reviewed in early To avoid these discrepancies, it is recommended that a single method be employed on a project.


Once the surface profile pattern has been replicated into the tape, it is removed from the surface and placed in a special spring nethod anvil micrometer. Additional Considerations Measuring surface profile exposed by waterjetting units Profile may vary considerably. These include the size of the loading fixture, and scoring of the coating based on inherent thickness prior to attachment of the loading fixture.

He has been employed by KTA for over 27 years.

See Figures 13 merhod, 14 We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Pull-Off Adhesion of Coatings on Concrete As stated above, the original version of D published astm d method c did not distinguish between testing the pull-off strength of coatings applied to steel versus concrete surfaces. The mode is determined with the comparator of Test Method A.

Based on laboratory research conducted by Roper et. Once the burnishing process is complete, the replica tape is removed from the surface and the image is measured using a spring-loaded micrometer. Elevated levels of chloride can also lead to section loss and pitting of the steel substrate, as chloride contamination can accelerate the corrosion process. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Coatings specialists may methor the method for evaluating the astm d method c characteristics of an existing coating during a coating condition survey, or in a failure investigation.

The subcommittee develops and maintains standard test methods, practices atm guides relating to the performance, evaluation, specification, application and proper use of industrial protective coatings.

In response to these and other issues, Subcommittee D An interlaboratory research initiative for the purpose of generating precision and bias statements for Dis planned for Conceptually, the study will include two types of concrete normal and high strengthtwo coatings thick film with scoring and thin-film without scoringfive types of adhesion testers and up to seven laboratories. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.


While the test method is designed to quantify the adhesion strength of the applied coating system, the substrate beneath the coating cannot be ignored. The measurements must conform to the minimum and maximum surface profile requirements listed in the project specification.

Adtm are many revisions being considered by the subcommittee. Assessing the presence of surface chloride and quantifying the concentration is paramount to this process. There are many revisions being considered by the subcommittee.


It is the responsibility of whoever uses this standard to consult and establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. ICS Number Code Portland cement concrete is a mixture of aggregate and cement paste. Users of this standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their own responsibility.

Differences in Surface Profile Measurements: ASTM D4417- Method B vs. Method C

Coarse replica tape is mehod to measure the actual roughness of surfaces containing a profile from 0. The distance between the highest metnod and the lowest valley within any given evaluation length Rmax: For example, a loading fixture inadvertently attached over a large piece of aggregate in the concrete will reduce the stress applied to the cement paste the weaker constituent in concrete and generate a highly variable pull-off strength tensile value that exceeds the inherent tensile strength of the concrete.

Data published in Appendix X1 of the standard generated by an mrthod interlaboratory research initiative reveals different pull-off strengths on four test specimens when using the various adhesion testers at that time, only four of the five testers that are in the current standard were included in the research.

Surface Finish An engineering component may be metgod, forged, drawn, welded or stamped, etc. The cleaning agents are used in a particular order of increasing aggressiveness to determine which one can remove the graffiti, with limits on level of gloss reduction and color difference to the affected coating.

Peak density the number of peaks per unit area also plays a key role in maintaining adhesion of the coating system and provides greater resistance to corrosion undercutting when the coating system gets damaged while in service.

Because the results for the microscope and for the? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Precautions Determining surface profile on flame cut edges Removal of carburization hardening may be required axtm to blast cleaning Effect of existing surface profile on newly generated qstm profile Existing profile beneath coating may exceed specified profile for maintenance painting.

Earl Bowry, Jotun Paints, Inc.