See how Asteron Life Insurance has helped protect Australians for over years. Play Video · Book an. Appointment · Choosing Life Insurance · About Asteron. Asteron Life Complete is our comprehensive suite of life insurance products that can be tailored to suit your needs – allowing you and your family to get more out . Asteron Life Complete Life Cover is an affordable and comprehensive life insurance option that pays out a lump sum if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal.

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Review your insurer for a chance to Win an iPhone XR. See more reviews… Compare Insurance Quotes Online. This particular insurer is paid for through my Super. I would recommend them.

Analysing Asteron Life Insurance

Medicals were simple and was a smooth process. Customer service has been good and their letters are straight forward. Great customer service and more inclusive then other insurance companies. Good communication with customer service and good value for money policy.

When policy reinstated, Asteron appear to make arbitrary modifications to cut back conditions of policy. When I needed to lifs after being diagnosed with a very serious life long illness I deeply regretted having my Income Prot Insurance with Asteron.


They have sacked several of my case managers, never informing me or providing me with the name of a replacement. Based on the severity of my illness, Asteron determined that quarterly forms would suffice, providing me with this outlined in a letter. Yet every month they would send extremely terse letters threatening me regarding why a monthly form had not been submitted. I ended up having to pay a significant amount for someone to deal with Asteron on my behalf, resulting in Asteron writing to me again agreeing on quarterly submissions.

Yet, they continued hounding me monthly. It is no wonder so many people start petitions about the extremely poor way they are deal with by insurance companies. I am now looking for an alternative insurer. I see other Providers with same or better policies, at more competitive rates. Despite me having to truthfully answer ‘YES’ to a couple of the automatic disqualification questions, they took my individual circumstances into account and approved the benefit.

Also, I found the staff at InsuranceWatch to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

Asteron Insurance Reviews – customer ratings and reviews | Insurance Watch Australia

It took a bit of communication back and fourth to establish my policy and the InsuranceWatch staff demonstrated to me that the brokerage is not just a faceless internet company. I was able to proceed with confidence that they will not just take my money but also be there to assist should I ever need to make a claim.


However, I have been loyal and paid the annual fees. Apart from the bi-annual fee notices, there have been no information on updates to the policy or whether there is something better they suggest. I have had no contact from my adviser in the past few years.

I feel they have recently increased the fee so much, because they want me to drop the policy without offering any alternative. I am very disappointed.

Asteron Life Complete Income Protection Covers

No doubt hidden in the small print, but Having used the Insurance Watch website, I realise how expensive it is and note that they are offering cheaper options thru your website. We are actively looking to change insurers asap.

Not as cheap as other insurance companies. Always helpful and professional.