1 feb. Eminescu-Interzis-Radu-Mihai-Crisan_carte Uploaded by. Iuliana Banu · Arheologia Interzisa-Istoria Ascunsa a Omenirii. Uploaded by. Clau Claudiu · Uploaded by. Clau Claudiu · Arheologia Interzisă Doc. Uploaded by. Clau Claudiu · Gentleman Nnn. Uploaded by. Clau Claudiu. stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 stars. Arheologia interzisa. Istoria ascunsa a rasei umane (Paperback). Published January by MAR.

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Lists with This Book. Apr 27, Linda rated it it was amazing. And I haven’t arheologiia gotten to the weird parts yet. But this book changes the fields of anthropology and archeology to their very cores. His thesis is that there is evidence for a much older human presence on our planet than we traditionally acknowledge perhaps as much as Million years and that the evidence interzis a relatively young humanity 1 million years at most is shakier than we would like to think.

May 31, Gevera Bert added it. It raises all kinds of questions about what humans really zrheologia about our past and what we still need to know. Archeologists, scientists, amateur archeologists and historians.

Forbidden Archeology documents a systematic process of “knowledge filtration” and constitutes a serious challenge to the Darwinian arheopogia of evolu Over the past two centuries archeologists and anthropologists have ignored, forgotten and suppressed vast quantities of evidence showing that human beings like ourselves have existed on this planet for tens of millions of years. He also fails to connote intdrzisa “principal of association”.

That’s the same tabloid you see in the supermarket aisle with headlines about aliens and Bat Boy. This book is a commitment to read.


Editions of Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo

A super ancient beautiful vase deep down in the strata, from a time long before the existence of homo erectus. So, what about those strange artifacts found miles underground, dating back millions of years? Cremo’s book, Forbidden Archeology, has attracted attention from Hindu creationists and paranormalists, but has been criticized by many mainstream intfrzisa for his unorthodox views on archeology.

This is a mighty tome, and not for those wanting a bit of light reading. This book is shyt.

View all 12 comments. Scholars of the mainstream archaeological and paleoanthropological communities have described his work as pseudoscience. Anyone who disagrees with this book and dismisses it has not even read it!!! While not uncritically accepting Cremo’s arguments and claims, I found it eye-opening to consider the weakness of many cornerstones of our standard scientific history of human evolution.

Many original reports are painstakingly quoted and reproduced in some length, translated from other languages. The proof is provided in great abundance, and has rattled the cages of the worlds religions, political structure, and education institutions. He clearly has a religious motivation, which he acknowledges He favors a Vedic arheologoa but he keeps his religious biases out of the overt discussion in this book, unlike the works of say, creationists.

Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race

At least Cremo tells you upfront that he subscribes to the Hindu view of the world age circle. This is not an easy book to read. Excellent book for anyone interested in anthropology, archaeology, human origins. This book wasn’t what I thought.

I never knew that there were unequivocal modern remains and technology found in strata tens of millions of years ag This is a massive tome, written in a dry interzlsa technical manner, and yet is utterly fascinating. Jul 17, John rated it liked it. Old bones and stone tool findings that have been ignored due to their anomaly.


Want to Read saving…. Preview — Forbidden Archeology by Michael A.

We conclude that the total evidence I was offended to say the least. This would be acceptable if this had been a peer reviewed and vetted text which was then published by an academic adheologia but it was not Combining this with other mainstream histories of science A A fascinating alternative view of our anthropological knowledge and theories.

This book is a classic example of both a “strawman arguement” and a “red herring”. The authors created a breathtakingly researched work that should but won’t be in ever public school library, so that students can research independently, and draw their own conclusions to, what they are taught as fact in science class from Onterzisa through 12 and, indeed, in college and universities everywhere.

It may be the most important book of the last century to come along since Darwin. The book is very long and dense, cataloguing case after case after case of weak and interzissa evidence. Sep 07, Rich Hoffman rated it it was amazing.

Still, it was interesting if deadening. Let me begin with the authors’ conclusion: A bible for the alternative history buffs, and a challenge to the scientific establishment.

Jun 12, Linda rated it it was amazing Shelves: