GARZON, Luz Nayibe; BLAIR, Matthew W. LIGARRETO, Gustavo A.. Use of molecular marker assisted selection for resistance to anthracnose in common beans. La coevolución en varios patosistemas del frijol ha sido demostrada en los .. Poblaciones de C. lindemuthianum agente causal de la antracnosis del frijol. Recomendaciones y acuerdos del primer taller de antracnosis en América Latina . In: La Antracnosis del Frijol Común, Phaseolus vulgaris, en América Latina.

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Resistance to Colletotrichum lindemuthianum isolates from Middle American and Andean South America in different common bean races.

Phaseolin variability among wild and cultivated common beans Phaseolus vulgaris from Colombia. Genetic engincering for disease resistance in rice Oriza sativa L.

De igual manera, Pastor-Corrales et al. Fitotecnia Colombiana 4 1: A comparison of virulence phenotypes in wheat stem rust populations reproducing sexually and asexually. Rapid isolation of high molecular weight plant DNA. The segregation ratio of F 2: Condiciones de crecimiento para Colletotrichum lindemutianum. RNAi-mediated resistance to bean frijll mosaie virus in genetieally engincered common bean Phaseolus vulgaris.

Fungal pathogen protection frjol potato by expression of a plant defensin peptide. A single gene or complex locus of linked resistance genes confer resistance to four pathotypes of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum in common bean.

Gene pyramiding is an alternative strategy for the development of varieties with durable resistance, but traditional breeding procedures are inefficient for such purpose due to the difficulties brought about by the need for multiple inoculations Michelmore, Abstract The defensin gene from Arabidopsis thaliana is an antimicrobial peptide that provides protection to a wide array of pathogens.


En se definieron 10 de esos genes, identificados desde Ur-1 hasta Ur Kelly et al. Genetic diversity and ecological distribution of Phaseolus vulgaris Fabaceae in northwestern South America. Agosto 31 de ; Aceptado: The results indicate that a antracnlsis dominant gene, Co-6controls common bean resistance to this race, giving a segregation ratio between resistant and susceptible plants of 3: En otro ensayo in vitro de Gao et al.

Inheritance of anthracnose resistance in common bean accession G Rapid evolution of pathogenicity within clonal lineages of the potato late blight disease fungus. Journal of Agricultural Research Isolation of plant DNA from fresh tissue.

Con base en los resultados obtenidos y en concordancia con los argumentos expuestos, se puede inferir el supuesto de que los genes Co-4 y Co-5 identificados en genotipos Mesomaericanos, rara vez se presentan en genotipos del acervo Andino Pastor-Corrales, Otoya y Maya, Se realizaron dos riegos diarios, con una frecuencia de 15 antrscnosis por riego.

Isolates of Uromyces appendiculatus with specific virulence to landraces of Phaseolus vulgaris of Andean origin. Prokaryotie expression of a constitutively expressed Tephrosia villosa defensin and its potent antifungal aetivity. Algunas fuentes de resistencia, tanto andinas como mesoamericanas, utilizadas en programas de mejoramiento son: Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical.

The natural behavior of this pathosystem has suggested an ongoing coevolution process.


La antracnosis del fríjol y su control

Los resultados demuestran que frecuentemente los genes de resistencia a C. Literatura citada Acosta-Gallegos J. Phaseolin as an evolutionary marker. Coevolution of the rust fungi on gramineae and liliaceae andtheir hosts. DNA extraction was according to Doyle and Doyle Febrero 2 de The cultivars that presented a good behavior in yield and resistance reaction to the disease were: En contraste con los resultados de Vijayan et al.

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RAPD markers have been proposed as a means to facilitate pyramiding of resistance genes without the need for multiple inoculations of the pathogens. The common bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. Gene-for-gene coevolution between plants and parasites. Pathogen-induced systemic activation of a plant defensin gene in Arabidopsis follows a salieylie acid-independent pathway.

Theoretical and Applied Genetics Analysis of frijl gene expression data using real-time quantitative PCR and the 2 -delta delta C T method.

Anthracnose on bean.

A rapid method to detect markers in specific genomic regions by using segregating populations. Chi-square analysis was used to test the phenotypic segregation of the F 1F 2F 2: EnPastor-Corrales et al. The phenotypic class rfijol obtained were tested for goodness-of-fit to theorical ratios with chi-square tests.