Louis Pasteur built his reputation and altered the course of twentieth century science by plagiarizing and distorting the work Antoine Bechamp. Pearson exposes. Antoine Bechamp, the babe of , died on the 15th April, , fourteen days after he was first visited by an aged American physician between whom and. The French chemist Antoine Béchamp (–) was a life-long rival to the Béchamp was comprehensively wrong, but not absolutely so.

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How much more dangerous is it, then, to inject poisons known to be such, whether modified in the fanciful manner at present fashionable among Vivisectionists or in any other manner. At the moment of coagulation, the liquor separates itself from the fibrin which had before been dissolved”; and from his microscopic observations upon frog’s bechxmp, he thought that his researches “proved that besides the albumen, the fibrin was dissolved in the liquor of the blood.

This is may be one of the most important articles and views of history you will read about how to stay healthy.

Immortality is a nature of Life and the Protit too, as Life itself never dies. This is the idea that life just comes out of nowhere, that matter organizes itself, takes on or is imbued with the property of life itself. The following is his account of the experiment:. It was then necessarily the developed moulds which were the agents of the phenomena observed.

Pasteur seemed to recognize the importance of this point as he vehemently denied its possibility antoind the very last, and made bitter personal attacks on Bechamp and other colleagues who opposed his ideas for this reason.

Pasteur Versus Béchamp: The History of Germ Theory

To my very great surprise, the milk altered, became sour and clotted, almost as quickly as if no creosote had been added. Subsequently they bechap in the same way a variety of insoluble inert substances such as blotting paper, charpie, gutta percha, caoutchouc, vulcanite, etc.

And these changes in the germs mentioned are of vital importance, as they often merely substitute a new disease for the one vaccinated against. From time immemorial, it was known that shed blood soon becomes a concrete mass, red, of a consistency more or less soft and called a clot ; the phenomenon was otherwise compared to the coagulation of a homogeneous liquid.

Instead of drugs, we need to turn to food first. In this paper he also gave his final complete explanation of the becyamp of fermentation, as being due to the nutrition of living organisms; i.

When he again found bacteria in the remains of the second experiment, as he had in the first, he concluded that he had proved, because of the care taken to exclude airborne organisms, that bacteria can and do develop anttoine microzymas, and are in fact a scavenging form of qntoine microzymas, developed when death, decay, or disease cause an extraordinary amount of cell life either to need repair or be broken up. Bichat, who died inat the age of 31, had been much struck by the results of the labors of Lavoisier.

It was the experiment of starving the yeast which enabled me to complete the demonstration that the phenomenon called the fermentation of cane sugar by yeast was the behamp of the sugar by the zymas, the absorption of the digested invert sugar by the cellule, the decomposition of this sugar in the cellule being the result of the complex phenomenon of assimilationfollowed necessarily by bechajp and of elimination; the products eliminated being carbonic acid, alcohol, acetic acid, etc.


This in turn will release more nitrogen and sulphur to continue the process ad infinitum. It is now over 30 years since Dr Leverson expressed the hope that his “exposure” would lead to a “serious overhauling” of Pasteur’s work, and it should be done by someone who understands physiological chemistry.

But if the cellule were the vital unit living per se it would know neither destruction nor death, but only change. However, de Kruif passes over tuberculin with astonishing brevity, antone the space given to other matters that were of less importance.

Hence the possibility that the brain, the heart, or other organs not intended to handle these toxic poisons might absorb some of them. By analogy, microbe would be appropriate to persons whose lives are of short duration. He was educated at the University of Strasbourgreceiving a doctor of science degree in and doctor of medicine inand ran a pharmacy in the city. Now after the discovery of gluten, of vegetable albumen, nitrogenized quaternaries like beer yeast, it was admitted that they were the ferment of vinous fermentation; then generalizing it came to be thought that albumin, the albuminoids in general, became or were directly the ferment; while the ternary proximate principles, such as cane sugar, becham sugar, milk sugar, the other sugars, amylaceous matter, inulin, gum, mannite, etc.

This left the moulds without an explanation, so he started a second series of observations on June 25, at Strasbourg in order to determine if possible, their origin, and on March 27,he started a third series of flasks to study the effects of creosote on the changes. But from the same experiments, entirely contrary conclusions ought to be drawn. It is thus clear that Lavoisier instead of the equation regarding the must might have written thus:. As has been mentioned repeatedly, it is very sensitive to the action of heat and is completely destroyed by heating for one hour at 55 degrees C.

The last of these was The Third Element of the Bloodwhich outlines his hassles with Pasteur, and also the details of his own theories. Like the indestructible atom or element in the Lavoisierian theory of matter, the microzymas, too, are physiologically imperishable. They also concluded that bacteria are an outgrowth or an evolutionary form of microzymas that occur when a quantity of diseased tissues must be becham up into its constituent elements. This, by citing contradictory statements Pasteur had made in different papers, along with their comments, just about destroyed his theories on anthrax.

On the other hand, one is compelled to the conclusion that the granular transformation is due, as we shall see later, to a fermentative action of the peritonaeal exudation. This book is the last work by a man who should today be regarded as one of befhamp founders of modern medicine and biology and who deserves a place as one of the giants of the history of science.

Furthermore, even becjamp a serum cannot dissolve the red blood corpuscles, it might dissolve the leucocytes, the so-called white corpuscles, and this tendency seems to be much more common; in fact, it seems to be the basis of the process of artificial immunity!

The microzymas being discovered, bechapm general demonstration was made that the soluble ferments were substances produced by a living organism, mould, yeast, geological microzyma, diverse flowers, a fruit, the kidneys, and the buccal microzymas.

Roux had the audacity to write that “the medical work of Pasteur began with the study of fermentations” Agenda du chimiste for ; this was an absolute untruth, for seven years later M.

Antoine Béchamp

He then became my collaborator in proving that antoie was true of milk and meat was also true for all the parts of an animal. This idea, which, to the people of that time at least, must have accounted easily and completely for such strange occurrences as contagion, infection and epidemics, would have been widely discussed in the medical or scientific antoihe of that time, and in literature available to Pasteur.


One of the discoveries of Bechamp was the formation of urea by the oxidation of albuminoid matters. There are two versions of the results of the experiments.

Also, this article was originally written to correct my misattribution of Louis Pasteur as the inventor of penicillin on the podcast with Rich Roll. Scores of people have died prematurely at its hands. Now, reflecting upon what he thought was an increase of the yeast and this production of lactic yeast, he has given this experiment “as illuminating with a new day the phenomena of fermentation.

Now mark, I pray you, what I say – the alleged experiment described in the memoir was a fake – purely and simply a fake. The study of these and of the other discoveries of Professor Bechamp will produce a new departure and a sound basis for the sciences of biology, of physiology and of pathology, today floating in chaotic uncertainty and confusion; and will, it is hoped, bring the medical profession back to the right path of investigation and of practice from which it has suffered itself to be led astray into the microbian theory of disease, which, as before mentioned, was declared by Bechamp to be the “greatest scientific silliness of the age.

Nitsch has pointed out that in a large series of cases the deaths in spite of the Pasteur treatment occurred on average earlier than in untreated persons That is where science stood in ; seeing in animal membranes and tissues only nitrogenised matter. In its article on fermentation, the Encyclopaedia Britannica says: South African Journal of Science. By a series of intricate experiments, including the filtration of air and the famous exposure of unfermented liquids to the pure air of the high Alps, he was able to declare with certainty in that the minute organisms causing fermentation were not spontaneously generated but came from similar organisms with which ordinary air was impregnated.

The Blood and its Third Anatomical Element by Antoine Bechamp

This present text, The Third Element of the Blood, is the injured party’s own exposition of his position and his defence of it.

English speaking people nechamp to have ideals of liberty refreshed by a study of the history of Wat Tyler, who headed one of the most justifiable rebellions in history, and although treacherously murdered by the then Lord Mayor of London, his example should be held up to all our children for imitation Charles Bonnet himself said that organization was the most excellent modification of matter; nevertheless that learned naturalist and philosopher attempted to opposed spontaneous generation by imagining in turn the hypothesis of encapsulation and that of pre-existing germs universally diffused, whereof Spallanzani made use to refute the experiments and conclusions of the sponteparist Needham, member of the Royal Society of London.

Muller was the more circumspect, seeing that it becbamp a refutation or contradiction of another mode of considering it, already published. He also showed the importance of these soluble products the zymases bechap are secreted by living organisms.