“In Stitches” by Dr. Anthony Youn is an award-winning, best-selling memoir about medical school. Rated a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in medicine. In Stitches has been chosen as a Michigan Notable Book! Publisher’s Weekly: In his first book Youn looks back from the cushy perspective of the plastic . Scrubs meets David Sedaris in this hilarious fish-out-of- water memoir about a young Korean-American nerd turned renowned plastic surgeon. Tony Youn grew .

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In Stitches: A Memoir

Why is that mean person in the white coat hurting me? To view it, click here. Yes, he actually said that and I laughed out loud. No wonder he’s so well-known. He does a series of rotations in different areas of medicine, ostensibly to help the student decide his future direction. When Youn finally got a girlfriend and put his angst to rest, there were, at last, some interesting developments in the book.

You probably have to move back home.

Apr 12, Scott Foshee rated it liked it Shelves: It wasn’t as if Anthony was trying to avoid Asians, it was how he pursued and enjoyed spending time with non-Asians. I laughed and cried.

As he takes us on a tour of what it was like for him in medical school, the story rapidly picked up flavor and my interest. Youn shares his reflections on the first surgery atnhony attends and its unexpected outcome. In a world where physicians can be almost god-like, Dr. This breakneck pace had the anthiny effect of distancing me from the narrator instead of drawing me closer.

Too many crazy people. But I’m able to bring myself back, to locate the humanity easily. Tony Youn grew up one of two Asian-American kids in a small town where diversity was uncommon. And a lot of it was surprising.


Tony starts out as a painfully shy and awkward nerd.

As I read through my advance copy, I could feel my emotions changing with those of Dr. Preview — In Stitches by Anthony Youn. It’s less about Youn becoming a doctor and more about him desperately chasing women.

And after the mean person in the white coat hurts me, why does he give me a sticker or a… Read More Doctor Musings Huffington Post Interview: Afte In this introspective and witty memoir, Anthony Youn, a young Korean doctor, shares the passage of his life from early childhood and adolescence to his frantic foray through medical school, culminating in his residency in plastic surgery.

What are we, twelve? Perhaps even for anyone who feels they are being pressurised to follow a certain career. The attempts at humor and sarcasm were often too forced-sounding.

I didn’t expect it to be, but I really enjoyed it. Youn has had many television appearances Rachael Ray, etc. Bad enough being fourteen, awkward, and a nonathlete in a tough urban Detroit school. A book about overcoming childhood disfigurement and battling through medical school to become a prominent surgeon could have been so much more than a breezy recounting of some fairly humorous stories and ironically enough frat boy antics.

In Stitches by Dr. Anthony Youn – humorous med school memoir

I am waiting to read it. Without a doubt, this is the funniest book I’ve read so far this year. Even though I’m not a doctor; I’m glad to know that graduate students, no matter what field, at some point live through all nighters on Mountain Dew and Snickers. It also made me want to steer clear of hospitals with medical students, and reaffirmed my belief that I made the right decision in pursuing a degree in the liberal arts. Youn recounts his own experience with a major jaw surgery and his own journey in med school to “discovering” plastic surgery.


Jul 28, Vy rated it it was ok. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a fun ride. This book made me laugh out loud and cry so hard! I would have provided follow-up on what happened to Youn’s brother and what happened youh the patient who was reportedly so instrumental in his career choice.

Jan 22, Julian Maldonado rated it it was amazing. No second opinion needed. Open Preview See a Problem? He appears regularly on The Rachael Jn Show, and his blog, Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery, is widely read and the most yooun blog by a plastic surgeon in the country. He relates his experiences about being on call for days and how frazzled he was, and ultimately, he shares just what it was that made him decide to go into the field of plastic surgery. Jul 24, Amy rated it oyun was amazing Shelves: Jan 29, CarolineFromConcord rated it really liked it.

Mar 25, Smithbmd Smith rated it it was amazing. The book is supremely fast read, humorous, poignant, and certainly entertaining. I would highly recommend this book to our readers; it is one of the finest new books I have read. There were missed opportunities to explore how a plastic surgeon feels about appearance and whether that gets distorted over the course of his training and career.

First time out, I decided to shoot for the stars. My favourite part of the story was when Tony’s father comes into his room at night. Hardcoverpages. A must read from a first time author! However, the lone consoling joke also comes stktches the orientation: