Zanardi (full name: Massimo Zanardi) is a comics character created by Andrea Pazienza, arguably his most famous creation. He is the main actor in a series of. Andrea Pazienza was an Italian comics artist and painter. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Career Milo Manara e Andrea Pazienza (“Milo Manara and Andrea Pazienza “, ); Zanardi (); Perché Pippo sembra uno sballato (“Why Goofy. Andrea Pazienza’s Zanardi is Foul, Rude.. Writer/Artist: Zanardi is a book that inspires surprisingly complicated feelings. Usually, when.

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Massimo Zanardi is a comics character created by Andrea Pazienzaarguably his most famous creation. He is the main actor in a series of graphic novels which appeared in installments on several Italian comics magazines during the early s. The character quickly found an enthusiastic audience in the clique of young, artsy, new-waveish Italians who were disillusioned with the previous decade’s political slant and were instantly hooked on the character’s basic, hedonistic individualism and cynicism, tempered with cultural influences ranging from Joseph Conrad to Vladimir Mayakovsky.

The Zanardi graphic novels were reprinted several times in the decades following Pazienza’s death, in original black and white and colored form. Pazienza’s original drawings were mostly colored by his wife, Marina Comandini, but some episodes have been coloured by unknown students in Bologna ‘s Art School, to which Pazienza gave the original drawings on a whim.

He is a tall, blond, thin, well-dressed [1] son of a bourgeois family, and his distinctive physical feature is an exaggerated, prominent hooked nose. He is also a junkiebut his addiction never seems to impair his cool, confident public front.

Behind that front, Zanardi is an utterly amoral schemer who is always looking for either drugs or revenge, and always gets both anerea the end, literally destroying other people’s lives without the slightest trace of remorse.

The Copacetic Comics Company | Zanardi by Andrea Pazienza

Zanardi is usually accompanied in his doings and wrongdoings by two schoolmates, Colasanti full name: Roberto Paisenza and Petrilli full name: Sergio Petrillioften in the endearing form Serginoor “Little Sergio”with which he has established a sort of Clockwork Orange partnership, and who provide help, counterpoint and occasional comic relief to Zanardi’s archetypal amorality.


It is worthy of notice that the three almost never address each other by name in conversation, resorting either to surnames which automatically entails a sort of detachment in Italian or to distortions of them, thus Zanardi becomes Zanna fang ; Colasanti becomes Colas ; Petrilli becomes Pietra literally stone or rock as a possible pun on drugs.

It is also worthy of notice that although the three are almost always featured as spending a lot of their time together hanging out, they do not consider themselves as friends. Colasanti is a very handsome, gym-sculpted cold boy who paseinza to hit on every girl he meets. But he is also an occasional rent boy who ruthlessly exploits his sexual power over men and women. In Giallo ScolasticoColasanti pasienzx Zanardi to blackmail a nerdy schoolmate who is a closet homosexual by sodomizing him while Zanardi photographs the act with a Polaroid stolen for the aandrea, in order to force him to fetch compromising zanarxi from a teacher’s house.

Colasanti is usually Zanardi’s helping hand in exacting revenge. At the same time, he suffers from his lack of culture and hipness and is prone to fits of rage anxrea time his mates remind him he is “such andrfa ignoramus”.

Petrilli, while being the group’s best born and possibly best educated member, is the eternal loser. He is constantly abused and humiliated by Zanardi and Colasanti, is often in love with some nameless and personality-less girl at the same high school he attends with Zanardi and Colasanti only to see her succumb to the charms of his hateful but more attractive friends, and always gets the short end of the stick in the shady dope deals Zanardi zanardj up.

In fact, Petrilli dies a horrible death in the last story of the Frigidaire canonNotte di Carnevale Carnival Nightbeing burned alive in a Zanardi-staged prank arson of an all-female religious college which runs amok.

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Except the whole story is only a dream, to which Petrilli wakes in terror to run outside in the street and get run over by a truck. The character’s death, however, only appears to be temporary, as in later stories Petrilli is still alive and being taken advantage of by his mates.


Many andres and stories from Zanardialong with Pentothal and some isolated vignettes, were adapted into a motion picture by Renato de Andres, Paz!

These stories originally appeared in black-and-white installments on Frigidaire magazine during The stories were re-coloured for the occasion by Marina Comandini. Giorno is considered as a prologue of sorts to Zanardiin that it anticipates the storytelling conventions and some general themes, though neither Zanardi nor his mates appear in it. These stories appeared on Corto Maltese magazine and alter alterand represent significant developments pasieenza the Zanardi “universe”, though removed from the original series which gained Pazienza nationwide success as a comics artist.

They represent humorous, metaphysical or very crude extensions to the Zanardi character, which Pazienza continued to elaborate until his death in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Zanardi (I grandi maestri): : Andrea Pazienza: Libros en idiomas extranjeros

Zanna, stavolta ci finisci. Zanna, you’re doing time this time. Stai parlando con Zanardi. We are doing time.


Remember you’re talking to Zanardi. Se non sapeste che vi tirerei dentro, fareste finta di non conoscermi. Non siamo mica vecchi amici!

You see, that’s what we three are like. If you didn’t know I’d turn you in as well, you’d pretend you never met me. We’re not old pals! Retrieved from ” https: Comics characters introduced in Italian comics characters Male characters in comics. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Italiano Edit links. This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat zanarfi By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.