The Analects by Confucius, part of the Internet Classics Archive. quotes from The Analects: ‘The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.’. One of the most influential books of all time, The Analects of Confucius collects the sayings and wisdom of the Chinese philosopher and his followers.

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The Analects Quotes by Confucius

When fasting, he thought it necessary to have his clothes brightly clean and made of linen confucous. Advance the crooked and set aside the upright, then the people will not submit. Reaching the bottom of the stairs he began to move briskly, his arms like wings. Lack of patience in small matters leads to the disruption of great plans.

There is nothing I conceal from you. There is the love of being sincere without the love of learning;-the beclouding here leads to an injurious disregard of consequences. If they are to fall to the ground, it is so ordered.

When these things proceed from the princes, as a rule, the cases will be few in which they do not lose their power in ten generations. If I can’t cry now, when should I cry? If you love wisdom, but don’t like to study, then your wisdom analecr be distorted into aimlessness. Is it a cornered vessel or not? His ordinary garments were poor, but he displayed the utmost elegance in his sacrificial cap and apron.

Confucius’s political theories were directly contradictory to the Legalistic political orientations of China’s rulers, and he failed to popularize his ideals among China’s leaders within his own or.


He has retired, and I have examined his conduct when away cconfucius me, and found him able to illustrate my teachings.

The Analects Quotes

I speak of various things, and he knows what is to be brought back. I shall go ride a raft on the ocean— vonfucius I imagine You would go with me. When they proceed from the great officers of the princes, as a rule, the case will be few in which they do not lose their power in five generations. The Duke Ai asked Tsai Wo about the altars of the spirits of analet land.

But there were also various agricultural rituals, coming-of-age rituals, coronations, etc.

You should employ them [appropriately] according to the seasons. Desiring to keep his own purity, he disrupts the great bonds of society.

The Analects of Confucius; translated by James Legge

Yang Ho wished to see Confucius, but Confucius would not go to see him. But if a man reaches the age of forty or fifty and has still not been heard from, then he is no one to be in awe of. There is no way they can be climbed over. This is the Way of the ancients. If Guan Congucius understood propriety, then who doesn’t? Banish the songs of Chang, and keep far from specious talkers.

Yet perhaps they may make the next class. Also used as an confuciua to gods. He may not yield the performance of it even cofucius his teacher. With friends, the shi is clear but kind. The Conscience of Words. In his contention, he is still the Chun-tsze.


The Analects

Ren and li have a special relationship in the Analects: And it is not said that if something is truly white, if you try to dye it black, it won’t change color? When you see someone not so good, reflect on your own weak points. A Philosophical Translation p. Whether dealing with the many or the few, the young or the old, the Noble Man does not dare to be conceited.

If the whole realm falls into dire straits, the heavenly stipend will disappear forever. Voltaire and Ezra Pound believed that this chapter conrucius how Confucius was a mere human.

Must the superior man have such variety of ability? Why is this so important? Between friends, frequent reproofs make the friendship distant. How could I not think of you? I could describe the ceremonies of the Yin dynasty, but Sung cannot sufficiently attest my words.

I have not yet heard of any one who loves to learn as he did.

Some retire because of contradictory language. What have we to do with the putting away of others? But if a mean person, who appears quite empty-like, ask anything of me, I set it forth from one end to the comfucius, and exhaust it. Friendship with the uplight; friendship with the sincere; and friendship with the man of much observation: In Knechtges, David R.