Life history: Anagyrus pseudococci is an endoparasitoid that places its eggs ( about 45/female; /host) between the wax filaments on the. CITRIPAR. Anagyrus pseudococci. CITRIPAR. Unit of packaging. Anagyrus pseudococci (parasitic wasp) Pack size: 50 ml bottle. Contains: mummies mixed with. Anagyrus is a large genus of parasitic wasps from the family Encyrtidae. Anagyrus is distributed . Anagyrus pseudococci (Girault ); Anagyrus pulcher (Ashmead, ); Anagyrus pulchricornis (Howard ); Anagyrus pullus Compere.

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Two factors reduce the efficacy of A. Choose a field or combine to discover the answer to pseudocodci question. Users need to time releases to coincide with preferred temperatures for the best control Daane et al.

Koppert Biological Systems can not be held liable for unauthorized use. Second, the activities of A.

Anagyrus pseudococci female developmental time ranges between 14 and 18 days, and male developmental time ranges between 12 and 27 days Chandler BioBee Sde Eliyahu Ltd. Producer of sticky traps BKS A.

Anagyrus-System | Biobest

Anagyrus pseudococci Girault Taxonomic placing: This helps us to improve the website and our marketing communication towards you. Its documented distribution appears to correlate with wine-growing areas. Your local Koppert consultant or recognized distributor will be able to advise anagjrus further.

Although development may cease at slightly higher temperatures, Anagyrus pseudococci can survive brief periods of anagyrhs to high or low temperatures Daane et al. You’ll only have to do this once allowing cookies to remember your preferences. Don’t need the entire report?


Anagyrus pseudococci

The head is flatter than that of the female. Temperature-dependent development of Anagyrus pseudococci Hymenoptera: The adult wasp will emerge from a round hole in the mummy. You can find more information about the use of cookies in our Privacy Statement and Cookie Statement.

It anafyrus an efficient, controlling enemy of the citrus mealybug Planococcus citrithe grape mealybug, the vine mealybug Planococcus ficus and the cypress mealybug Planococcus vovae. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. Accept cookies Decline cookies.

The lower part of the face is covered with conspicuous silvery setae arranged in lines Noyes and Hayat In laboratory studies, Anagyrus pseudococci were reared on Pseudococcus longispinusPseudococcus calceolariae MaskellPlanococcus ficusPseudococcus njalensis Laing, Dysmicoccus anqgyrus ,and Pseudococcus affinis Maskell Noyes and HayatDaane et al.

Journal of Pest Science Studies on an Israel strain of Anagyrus pseudococci Girault [Hym.

Green and Runner bean. The parasitoid Anagyrus pseudococci is a solitary internal parasitoid of mealybugs.

Anagyrus pseudococci

White areas are found at the base of the antennae where the antennae join the head the scape and portions of the legs. Photograph by Kent M. Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: Morphological, biological, and molecular comparisons among the different geographical populations of Anagyrus pseudococci Hymenoptera: The ovipositor is short and only slightly exserted Noyes and Hayat This wasp is used for biological control programs and is the most common commercial parasitoid reared for mealybug control Triapitsyn et al.

All products are tested to meet specification requirements before leaving the factory. ajagyrus


The egg stalk connection is broken by the fourth instar Daane et al. The introduction rates of this product should be adjusted to the mode of action of the product and the results that can be anagtrus in the crop where the product is applied.

They begin emerging 12 days after oviposition Daane et al.

Flying Doctors Hive Turbo B. Get the most relevant updates by leaving us your details. Mode of action Female adult parasitic wasp parasitizes the mealybugs. Adult females that lay fertilized eggs have a higher fecundity than females that lay unfertilized eggs Avidov et al. We’ll keep you updated. Adults show marked sexual dimorphism: Encyrtidae as a parasitoid of the vine mealybug, Planococcus ficus Homoptera: Tree and shrub nursery. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.

Flying Doctors Multi Hive B. Visual effect Parasitised mealybugs can be observed two to three weeks after deployment, depending on temperature. The adults display sexual dimorphism Figures 1 and 2. The lower portion of the face has dark brown markings Noyes and Hayat Females lay one egg that will develop inside a host, making it a solitary endoparasitoid; if multiple eggs are laid per host, only one develops Avidov et al.

Anagyrus pseudococci is a well-known parasitoid of Planococcus spp. The young larvae are almost transparent to pale-white and have light brown, sclerotized mouthparts; elder larvae are white.

Crop area open field.