I’m a bit of an Ampeg fan although at the moment a bit money tight and I’m thinking about getting one off ebay. From what I’ve read they sound. Up for sale is this Ampeg B1Re bass head + Ampeg Bhe cab. The listing is for the entire half stack. Amp is working perfectly, just need to get rid of it to. I came across what seems to be a great deal on an Ampeg B1RE, I won’t have a chance to play it before I buy however (it’s a musicians friend.

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Ampeg B1RE 300watt Head?

What other options would you suggest then, keeping in mind my budget? For more information, go to www. Take your bass to the music store and play lots of combinations and you will see.

You have no items in your shopping cart. Find a decent used and you’ll be game. I used to have an Avatar 2×12 guitar cab a few years back, and loved it!

We will consider your offer as soon as it is received. I have a Schecter Custom 5. Stay Connected Subscribe to our mailing list. If the customer’s order included free shipping, the customer will be refunded order amount, less Alto Music’s original shipping cost.


Because there are things inside me, that need to die. You’d kill small animals. Features include up to watts of power, 3 band rotary EQ, Optocoupler limiter, effects loop, and more! I’ve been playing guitar for years, and want to turn to the dark side! View the Media Kit. Search in titles only Search in Bass Guitar only Search. We will then either accept, decline, or counter accordingly.

Ampeg: B Series – B-1RE

All that tone, plus solid-state reliability—the highly affordable Ampeg B1-RE. I’ll look into those, amleg you! Merchandise and packaging MUST be in the same condition as when received.

I’ve been playing bass for about a year now, just through my studio monitors. There are absolutely no refunds for the following items: We’re here to help!

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Well, I called Daddy’s and they will be sending the Trace Elliot to the store in my town, so I can check it out in person! My honest recommendation would be that head, and to get one of the s probably an 8 ohm and if you needed ampwg volume later, add another 8 ohm.


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Don’t think about it. And you can do payments on them. This will also leave enough in my budget to purchase a used 2×10 or maybe even a 4×10 cab.

Greatest Craigslist Post evAr.

Then why do you drink it? Pass on that head.

Ampeg USA B1RE Watt Bass Head | eBay

The online reviews and some on TalkBass were positive. What’s in the box?

What’s your take on that, seeing as you suggested a watt amp? It’s watts at 4 ohms, which I’d assume would be just about right for me, able to play some small to b11re gigs, and use the direct out to the PA at larger gigs. I came across what seems to be a great deal on an Ampeg B1RE, I won’t have a chance to play it before I buy however it’s a musicians friend closeout item.

Pair it with a ? A Sign Before Guitar Gear: