al-Biritani (Allah deliver him and preserve him from every evil) sent to me a First, this book is called al-Muhannad ‘ala l-Mufannad (The Sword against the from us because they know the Arabs are not proficient in Urdu rather the Urdu. al-Muhannad ala al-Mufannad [Aqaid Ulama -e- Deoband] By Shaykh Khaleel Ahmad Saharanpuri (r.a) Published by Urdu Book Download. Read Online Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4 Version 5 [Arabic] Download Version 1 [22] Version 2 [22] Version 3 [17] Version 4 [13].

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Al muhannad pdf download pdf book

This book readily overturned many of the legal responses given by the late founder of Darul Uloom Deoband. They went so far as to declare this belief polytheism [shirk]. This information has reached us through a continuous mass testimony of Muslims so that is it impossible for them to agree upon error or to simultaneously lie. Unfortunately for the umma in our day, the statements of disbelief penned by the scholars of Deoband are still being promulgated on the World Wide Web, which means Deobandi authorities did not renounce their unbelief.

Al-Muhannad-Al-Al-Mufannad-Arabic Urdu

Truth has come and falsehood has vanished away. All the leaders of utdu schools of thought have made clarifications that whosoever belittles the Glory of the Holy Prophet, may blessings and peace be upon him, is a disbeliever and whoever declares anything belonging to Faith as polytheism and unbelief is unbeliever also. Husam al-Haramayn is an authentic book written by a truthful and conscientious scholar.


Khalil Ahmad and Thanwi had to concur with Imam Ahmed Raza, may Allah have mercy on him, in order to get their school reinstated. Khalil Ahmad did notattempt to rationalize their heterodox opinions because four of the said Arab scholars from Mecca and Medina declared those statements to be unbelief.


AhleSunnah Library

Tagged under deobandi lie muhannad. These Wahhabi urcu are unbelief, and lead to the Fire of Hell. Beware of them and the groups enamored with them. The Haramayn Ulama did not alter their opinion about the nature of such ugly words.

They have also failed to condemn as is wajib for themand actually still al-muannad on their syllabus and disseminate in all languages the works of Ismail Dihlawi d. This is why Khalil Ahmad presented a fatwa that contradicted their unofficial belief.

The latter maliciously insulted the Best of Mankind, may blessings and peace be upon him, by saying his knowledge was inferior to Satan the worst of creation and the Angel of Death.

In point of al-mufannaad, he said:.

urru Apologists use a more sophisticated approach, and mislead the Sunni masses by denying the meaning of their explicit insults. More in this category: The second reason is that he has termed the extensiveness of the knowledge of the Holy Prophet, may blessings and peace be upon him, as polytheism. Falsehood is ever bound to vanish.


al-Muhannad ala al-Mufannad [Aqaid Ulama Deoband] By Shaykh Khaleel Ahmad Saharanpuri

Allah, the Exalted, says: Yet in al-Muhannad ala al-Mufannad, this same man reversed their stance on Allah Most High lying and knowledge of the unseen. Follow Wl-muhannad Social Accounts. The verdicts, testimonials, and comments of these venerable scholars and muftis were compiled into one famous book, Husam al-Haramayn [The Sword of the Two Sanctuaries].

Rather, rulings must take the urrdu meanings of words into consideration. In point of fact, he said: Words that were unprecedented in the history of Islam, even to make a point.

Of course, some Deobandis will blatantly deny this well-established fact and try to conceal the kufr of their elders, especially when confronted with a person who has not read their infamous books or is unaware of the facts.

Such a person is not ruled as a disbeliever or that performing his funeral prayer is disbelief.