I am using (beez5) and have uploaded aiContactSafe to use as my contact After that you can find other tutorials on aiContactSafe here. By default, emails sent from aiContactSafe forms will be delivered to the From In this aiContactSafe tutorial, we will show you how to change the recipient. This link will direct users to a form already setup within aiContactSafe. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create this Contact Us link in your.

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How to change the order of fields in aiContactSafe forms 7. Aicotactsafe to resolve the problem: This can only be an “Email” or “Email – List” field type. Delete Delete the selected messages asking the confirmation for each one of them.

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hutorial After that you put the plugin code in the article where you want the form to be displayed the same as for other Joomla content plugins and the code is explained in that article. If i want to change some infos for other language. Set it to 0 to let the browser determine the width. If you have set this to plain text, you need to deactivate the mail template.

Page 1 2 newer. Changing the width of fields in aiContactSafe forms. Installing aiclntactsafe Changing Templates in Joomla 2. I am on the joomla journey, why not have the best contact form as well.


How to change contact information shown within aiContactSafe forms. Here are the instructions for each field: You need aiContactSafe 2. The plugin is no longer available for separate download. All the fields used as the email parameters name, email, subject, send to sender have to be selected here. Do not deactivate the authentication plugin or you will not be able to login into the administrator page. yutorial

Record the fields of the message separately in the database Activate checked or deactivate the recording of the message fields into the database, separately from the message, so they can be exported into the CSV format.

Default Set this profile as the default profile when no profile is specified. Email address Specify the email address to which the contact form information is sent. I just want to put a simple contact form on my contact page, I don’t need the ability to collect attachments, I have no idea what a ‘squeezebox’ is for except the obvious of course.

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When the problem dissapeared you identified the extension with the aicontactaafe and you can look for suggestions below on how to fix it. Was your issues resolved? Click the top checkbox to select all the records on this page. This field is controling the minimum year starting from the current year.


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Profile name Aicontactsafw of the profile. This will help the user know we want a web address. For example, if you wanted a field where someone can enter their website URL, you can easily do this. Click “Cancel” to cancel the deletion of the messages. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

How to change contact information shown within aiContactSafe forms 5. Thank you message The message to display when the message is succesfully sent.

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If left empty no message will be displayed. By default the address of the sender is added here.

Profile The profile used to send the message. By default a reference to the subject of the message to which the reply is made is added here. Date added The date when the message was sent.

If you use the contact form on top of the contact information or the other way tutorlal the maximum width of this fields will be used. Back to first comment top.