This is:Sublima intelligent screening technology – the newest innovation from the engineers of Agfa. Every page of this brochure displays the. It is Agfa’s “XM” – Cross Modulation screening technology for sheetfed offset, web On each Apogee Prepress system, Sublima lpi is standard available for. Based on Agfa Gra phics’ award-winning ThermoFuseTM technology, Azura TU out- delivers razor-sharp quality, even up to lpi Sublima screening.

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Septestraat 27 Mortsel, Belgium. What if you could print your newspapers as fast as you do now, but with even better print quality for your syblima The Arkitex Enhance IntelliTune software tool makes your pictures even more eye-catching by automatically applying corrections for each of your channels.

IntelliTune wublima the tone, color and spatial characteristics of your images. It improves contrast and removes noise. It sharpens details, makes skin tones more realistic and improves general clarity. Not by applying a one-size-fits-all technique, but by analyzing each and every image — quickly and easily.

Do you want a stunning front page every day? Then Arkitex Enhance IntelliTune is what you are looking for. Agfa Graphics’ JDF-powered workflow systems combine task rbochure with complete workflow control, for a seamless production brochrue from the front-end to Are template options too limited for your professional prepress department? Let Apogee Impose calculate smart impositions, with the minimum of time, errors and paper waste. Feed it data such as sheet size, number of pages and available equipment and it rewards you with the optimal imposition scheme in no time.

Besides that, Apogee Impose is fully integrated in Apogee Prepress, which saves time and minimizes errors. It also updates its imposition scheme automatically when you change parameters as the job progresses. You brrochure use two systems: The first calculates the ideal imposition with a minimum of paper waste. Powerful tools for advanced automated systems in small-scale commercial printing — affordable, too. Apogee Manage provides a cost-efficient solution for your prepress workflow, on a single platform.

It is designed for printing businesses that produce a lower volume of plates, or that have no need for highly automated processing. Not the case for your company? Enjoy advanced brocchure — tools you normally only find in high-priced systems — for PDF creation, preflighting, page management, imposition and plate making. And those are just a few examples.

Apogee Control offers just that: Complete control over film output, plate making, aggfa proofing, with an intuitive user interface which gives you the chance to intervene at any time. With Apogee Control you can ahfa or start output, change job priority, check digital film before imaging it to plate, or adapt a plate entirely, without interrupting the whole workflow.

Apogee Control adapts to your legacy workflow as well as to your needs in the future, with its modular design and scalable architecture. It is the perfect partner for service agencies, prepress companies, packaging printers, and small commercial printers.

Arkitex Enhance OptiColor offers you great gains in color quality, while it is completely automatic. If an advertisement is created for commercial print, and supplied as is for newspaper printing it may look darker and dull or muddy. Re-separation or ink-save does not improve the visual appearance for the new target device.


OptiColor will get the original intended vivid colors as close as possible reproduced in the target color space. Even if the source space is wrongly tagged or unknown. Since the higher tonal value increase of Coldset is taken into account, separations will be lighter, resulting in less ink on paper, further improving printability and better color results.

Arkitex Enhance OptiColor Server automatically transforms colors to the target space. All thanks to patented Agfa technology. Secure color avfa and consistency throughout all stages of your workflow. The Apogee Color Quality Manager seamlessly integrates end-to-end color control with your project management. In the graphic arts business, flexibility is a must. Automated processes therefore represent more than a convenience.

However, quality is only assured if the color accuracy and consistency are guaranteed. Set up customized profiles per client, with unique tools to fix the exact color or color set and preserve the brand of your clients throughout all projects.

Sublima screening

Monitor the automated validation of color quality with software that is compatible with a wide range of press technologies and certified proofing standards. For reliable results in both hard and soft proofing.

Sharing data through a variety of different tools can be complicated and counterproductive. PrintSphere offers you the ultimate solution.

It is a cloud-based service that makes it easy for you to store data online and swiftly exchange files with, for example, customers, colleagues, and freelancers. As such, it efficiently completes and facilitates your entire workflow by offering you a simple solution for swift data sharing.

Apogee Sublima

Integrate PrintSphere with Apogee Prepress, for example, to allow customers to upload data directly to their jobs, based on an email invite. PrintSphere also automatically creates off-site backups of your vital Apogee Prepress database.

The Graphic Enterprise is the culmination of the evolution of print-where technology takes its rightful place to create a continuous, uninterrupted flow of data that begins with project creation and ends with its delivery. That is not to say that technology will not continue to improve and advance, but not in such dramatic steps as this. And there is no escaping it. The Graphic Enterprise will replace the current manufacturing model as surely as motorways replaced dirt roads.

That is why your understanding of JDF and how it will change business is so important Manage the entire process from PDF creation through to preflighting and exporting to the format of your choice. All from one centralized, intuitive graphical user interface. And experience the peace of mind granted by guaranteed consistency and reliability at every step of the process.

You simply monitor the automatic software and intervene when necessary. Change task priorities and avoid reprints by checking the result with the last-minute file preview feature. Join forces with this proofing software, and watch your productivity and efficiency soar. You can set it up as a simple raster image processor RIP or implement it to the fullest as an advanced proofing system.

The fully ICC-based proofing solution allows five operators to log on simultaneously. So no matter what your needs are: Apogee Proof meets them. Apogee Proof drives a wide array of proofing systems. Thanks to the intuitive graphical user interface and the built-in color management and output quality control, you enjoy total proofing reliability, integrity and accuracy.


Its cross-modulated XM screening technology, a combination of AM and FM technologies, is designed to dramatically improve print quality. It enables you to use screen rulings of up to lpi, without additional effort on press. To both existing customers and new markets. Online shoppers are spoiled: Print buyers are among them too, and they expect the same service.

With Apogee StoreFront you can meet those expectations and offer them even more. For instance, customers can upload or customize their own products, such as business cards and flyers, before sending them to print.

Fully designed publications, such as brochures, catalogs, books or posters, brochurr also be added to stores, either as products that are printed on demand or that are delivered from stock. Even non-print products, such as USB-sticks, or digital goods, such as e-books, can be offered as part of the service.

APOGEEnetwork | Sublima Screening

Apogee StoreFront integrates efficiently with your workflow system. You manage all stores from one dashboard, which provides you with instant feedback and status information. This enables you to streamline your processes, without having to invest in additional technology or personnel. Software for Customer Relationship Management. You can use Asanti StoreFront to build several web-to-print stores. Its main focus is the B2B-market, but it is just as easy to set up an brochurd store targeted at the general public.

Customers choose from a library of predefined print products or personalize a template. They can also upload the file they want to print and specify its output size or select from a range of predefined sizes.

An optional preflight check makes sure images have the proper resolution and all fonts agga included in the submitted file. Next to print products, stores can contain digital products, such as sound clips, and non-print products, such as USB-sticks or promo gadgets. Processing orders was never easier. Inkjet Large format printing.

For applications such as posters, billboards, POP displays, exhibition panels, stage graphics, construction announcements, ad panels etc. Agfa Graphics has a dedicated UV curable printer. What does Arkitex Cloud offer you? Your complete printing process is streamlined on a secure Agfa-owned server, enabling you to work efficiently.

Arkitex Cloud offers not only the complete market-leading Arkitex print production solutions, but also the Eversify digital mobile device production system. From page management to plate-making support, Arkitex Cloud makes your job subpima. Arkitex Cloud is a dedicated service for newspapers.

This secure cloud-based SaaS solution offers a streamlined workflow that enables publishers to meet tight deadlines and save costs. Set up and manage online stores for both printed and non-print products. Offer businesses an easy to use yet powerful tool to personalize documents. Save time and avoid errors by integrating the ecommerce platform with the print production workflow.