Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book (Special Edition) [Michael Abrash] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No one has done . Graphics Programming Black Book Special Edition has 65 ratings and 3 reviews. — Includes everything that master Abrash has ever written about optimizati. Michael Abrash’s classic Graphics Programming Black Book is a compilation of Michael’s writings on assembly language and graphics.

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More than one claimed a speed-up over my assembly word-counting code of more than three times.

KitKat’s low memory support should mean that even new cheaper phones will get Android 4. On the other hand, the equivalent Execution Unit of the can execute instructions every bit as fast as the The writer is also The fact of the matter is that a given instruction takes at least as long to execute as the time given for it in the Intel manuals, but may take as much as 4 cycles per byte longer, depending on the state of the prefetch queue when the preceding instruction ends.

The optimization at the end is just the finishing touch, however. Along the same line, the display adapter cycle-eater makes the zbrash exclusive-OR animation technique, which requires paired reads and writes of display memory, less-than-ideal for the PC.

Allow me to illustrate with one of my very favorite Abrash passages, from Chapter 16 of the Graphics Programming Black Book. In other words, high-performance code should ideally run so fast that any further improvement in the code would be pointless. Before we b,ack create high-performance code, we must understand what high performance is.

In order to perform any of the timing tests in this book, enter Listing 3. Yes, it is true that a lot of the code samples are older than much bpack what modern developers might consider but the core methodology, insights, and domain knowledge ushered in by Abrash are unparalleled both in proficiency and professional writer ability; he knows what he’s talking about through and through but also knows how to share it in a very inclusive way.


To be precise, the counts once every First, consider the series of MUL instructions in Listing 4. Unlike DRAM refresh, wait states do not occur on any regularly scheduled basis, and are of no particular duration.

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One point of interest is that ZTimerOn disables interrupts. Likewise, proper algorithm selection and good design are fundamental to performance.

Open Preview See a Problem? I implemented Bresenham’s algorithm in ARM assembly on the gameboy advance based on reading blafk ‘zen of graphics programming’. Yep, I’m sure there are still great nuggets in the book. You can verify this for yourself by watching the code with a debugger or using a code profiler, but take my word for it: The code in Listing 4. VGA Data Machinery 2.

Graphics Programming Black Book | Dr Dobb’s

My point is simply this: Linked Lists and Unintended Challenges 2. I never thought a book about assembly language programming could be intriguing and engrossing. The look-up table technique is one such case. Fortunately, the offers another timer arash, mode 2 divide-by-N modewhich is both a good substitute for square lback mode and a perfect mode for precision timing. The objective not always attained in creating high-performance software is to make the software able to carry out its appointed tasks so rapidly that it responds instantaneously, as far as the user is concerned.

Divide-by-N mode counts down by one from the initial count. Pushing the 2.


This link now redirects to Amazon for some reason. Then download any chapters you want. A final approach is to modify ZTimerReport to print the result to the auxiliary output via DOS function 4, hlack to then write and load a special device driver named AUXto which DOS function 4 output would automatically be directed.

That is, with a word-sized memory access, such as. A word of caution, however: Do not be misled by the abrasg title because the 22 first chapters, which represents about the third of the pages, discuss assembly optimization.

Graphics Programming Black Book Special Edition

No matter how demanding master 1 gets, however, its needs must always be met—otherwise the quality of the picture on the screen would suffer. In other words, the inherent nature of this application limits the performance improvement that can be obtained via assembly. I recall he was computing a dot product or something that was used over an 8 pixel span.

He was a good student, and was planning to be an engineer. Like readgetc calls DOS to read from the file; the speed improvement of Listing 1.

This is normally a great optimization, being both smaller and faster than a far call. Apparently everyone but me knew that it was translated from French, and that novelty undoubtedly made the song a big hit. You will notice that my short list of objectives for high-performance assembly programming does not include traditional objectives such as easy maintenance and speed of development.