AE[edit]. 5 Speed Automatic Transmission. I6 and V8 versions similar. However V8 versions have slight internal upgrades to handle. One of the most common misconceptions about the IS (and other cars that share the 5 speed Lexus automatic) is its ability to handle some. AE AT (RMU). TERMS. ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS MANUAL. Abbreviations. Meaning. A/T. Automatic Transmission. ATF. Automatic Transmission.

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Trahsmission have not modified the valve body in any way and the transmissions guts have never been removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. At the power levels required for these types of modifications, hopefully you are running some sort of standalone already. The IS ‘s performance was excellent with the automatic, achieving zero to 60 mph in less than seven seconds.

History of the AE Transmission | It Still Runs

One more quick mod related to this is to simply turn line pressure up. This is not good on the internal components of w650e transmission. Your email address will not be published. The first thing you should check is the kick down circuit. Articles lacking sources from August All articles lacking sources.

The first problem I ran into was hitting the rev limiter under power. The driver could manually set the shift pattern to “Normal” or “Power.

Many issues could cause this problem. A warped valve body could transmissiion preventing the valve from moving. Some day, I will pull her apart and get exact measurements. Smaller parts, a hydraulic circuit with fewer components allow the transmission to maintain the same size as the previous LS ‘s unit. This results in a transmission that fransmission only shift to first and reverse, but not to any further forward gears. The sensors then sent the information to the electronic control unit, which in turn operated the clutch, shift points and torque converter lock-up.


The re-manufactured transmission also includes a much better warranty ; three years compared to an average 90 days for a rebuilt transmission. The IS used the ECT-iE technology — or electronic control unit — to determine the shift mode depending on driving conditions.

Mechanically similar to the A43D. It was first used in and remained in production through the model year. Aluminum has also replaced steel on gear tooth surfaces. I knew, going in, that my stock transmission trnsmission not last too long, so I was prepared to do some experimenting. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Trabsmission metal that fits inside the accumulator will work.

This transmission is electronically controlled by an electronic shift control module. Final drive ratio is 2. Mechanical throttle control input for kick-down function. The A45DE, like the AE, provided conventional automatic mode or a manual mode to determine shift points. The subject matter on this blog is meant for discussion transmissionn educational purposes only, and is not necessarily reflective of inventory currently offered by ETE Reman.

Toyota A transmission

The AE is a five speed automatic transmission made by Toyota and used exclusively in Lexus vehicles. Technical Guides for IS Owners. The fact is, they trznsmission the transmission slam into gear pretty much every single shift.

There is one way around this — the snow button. It is my opinion that these rods that people do are not good for transmission longevity at all. What I have ended up with is a transmission that was amazing at a whp level over ft lb of torque alsoand today, is still holding up to whp, once in 3rd gear and above. Full automatic 4-speed transmission with converter lock-up. His experience ranges from legal affairs reporting to covering the Middle East.


The easiest way to check them a650w to attach a pressure gauge to the pressure transmissiion on the transmissions. They will also address common issues with the transmission that the factory should have fixed in the first place.

Three Possible Problems You May Experience With The A650E Automatic Transmission

There is no need to be chirping tires for a quarter throttle shift. The Toyota AE five-speed automatic transmission matched engines in a wide range of Lexus luxury cars from to If the engine is below RPM, applying full throttle will invoke a downshift, no matter what gear you have selected. The electrical solenoid that controls the flow of transmission fluid to the lock up clutch in the torque converter is wired in series with the brake light switch. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Or. The best way without a full transmission build, and even without a valve body replacement is to modify the accumulators.

One of the most common misconceptions about the IS and other cars that share the 5 speed Lexus automatic is its ability to handle some real power.