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I have that board for few years ago. She died suddenly and there was not a way to revive.

ASRock K7S41 issue – Badcaps Forums

That 70ll02h I found it in a box by chance, looking for a replacement mobo for someone. Thanks to the knowledge gained here on the forum, I immediately found the cause: VRM Q4 was dead.

I noticed that the two areas in figure remained united after vrm desolder. Is there a risk if the two zones are united? I tried to clean the area, but my soldering iron is pretty skinny.


I would have tried anyway, but I thought to ask before doing fireworks before Christmas There could not be a big loss: Bravo, young man, you’re shrewd. Eventually it was logical that, but for now I have not bothered, because I do not have the component to replace. Anyway have you spared me for an extra work Thanks.

I really don’t know Maybe your problem is related to the VRM controller, remove the mosfet and test it out of circuit. Must verify the pinout voltages after power on?

70L02H Datasheet PDF – Silicon Standard

I said already about the test of the both vrm: Q3 and Q4 out of the circuit and after solder That seem to be the VRM controller, what a crappy board! BTW, in your photo 70o02h are 2 black caps near the northbigde that looks bloated, check them.

I used the last two pictures from internet because have better resolution, so the capacitors are ok.

I’ll check in the next weekend. And I cannot find datasheet. This is all i can find. The solution seems to be too complex – osciloscope needing?!: Originally Posted by alindumitru