Corvette Factory Assembly Manual [Chevrolet Motor Division] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. DAVE GRAHAM VERSION-BOUND. Corvette Owner’s Manual Reprint [GM CHEVY CHEVROLET CORVETTE VETTE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. CHEVY. These are high-quality reprints of the same manuals that a Chevrolet dealer mechanic would use to work on cars. The set includes the ” Chevrolet Chassis.

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While the intent of this page is to identify the common issues pertaining to the Corvette, it is not an all-inclusive list and should be used for reference only. Instead, GM announced that it would be offering manuaal big-block options: The aforementioned L88 and ZL1 options were even offered for though Chevy continued to sell Can-Am engines to bona fide race teams.

Last Select a Model. Steering Steering Specs — Manual Steering Type Semi-reversible gear with ball-nut driven by recirculating anti-friction bearings, energy-absorbing steering column, steering damper attached to relay rod; two position steering knuckle arm attachment for street and fast ratio steering.

Of mqnual, many racers corverte to utilize the performance and handling aspects of the Corvette were not going to invest their money into a small-block, despite the performance numbers it was capable of producing.

It was the first time that the stroke had been increased since the engine had been introduced in its more conservative iteration — a cubic-inch big block — in Check by pinching vacuum hose to carburetor with engine idling.

Corvette America – Corvette Service Manuals

Seventeen percent of the manuaal of both series listed squeaks and rattles as the worst feature. Inspect all hose connections. See Transmission Modulator Vacuum Leaks above for additional information.

Removable roof panels and rear window. If a dwell meter manuwl not available, turn adjusting screw clockwise until engine starts to misfire, then turn screw one-half turn in the opposite direction to complete adjustment. For all Corvettes, the location of the Vehicle Identification Number VIN is stamped on a plate attached to the left front body hinge pillar.


Although there are a number of possible causes for this issue, the most common cause of failure is a bad ground in the taillight circuit.

Coat gasket of new filter with engine oil. I’m not sure how available that bulletin is, or just what info it contained. The Chevy News bulletin covers all service information for the Corvette that was new for and updates the other manual to make it work for the Corvette. Buy now to own the best manuzl manual for your car. Plug is located on side of transmission case.

Side Rails and intermediate crossmembers box section; front crossmember box girder section. The LT-1 equipped Corvettes could manage a quarter mile run in just These are high-quality reprints of the same manuals that a Chevrolet dealer mechanic would use to work on cars. Free play with pedal released is approx.

I am attempting many projects on my newly purchased 70 vette, it came with an assembly manual but I really think I also need a service manual. There are no moving parts in the ignition pulse amplifier, and the distributor shaft and bushings have permanent type lubrication, therefore no periodic maintenance is required for the magnetic pulse ignition system. On engines with closed element air cleaners, inspect crankcase ventilation filter and replace if necessary.

A number of detail refinements were also made to the taillights and the stainless steel rocker moldings. Remember that the plant was on strike that year so the ’69 model year was extended and the ’70 model year was truncated. Click for Advanced Search. Examine distributor points and clean or replace if necessary.

Do not attempt to remove all roughness nor dress the point surfaces down smooth. All big block engines. Connect control linkage at throttle lever.

Quote message in reply? While these criticisms were certainly noteworthy, they also turned out to be irrelevant. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Open throttle fully and move switch forward until lever touches accelerator lever. One of the common issues with the engines in a Corvette have nothing to do with any specific mechanical issues.


Weak point pressure permits bouncing or chattering, resulting in arcing and burning of the points and an ignition miss at high speed. Bright roof drip and rear window molding Flush mounted door handles. If the battery posts or cable terminals are corroded, the cables should be cleaned separately with a soda solution and wire brush. Mandatory side marker lights at the front and rear of the car were larger and better integrated into the design than those of earlier model years.

Did they make a GM shop manual for a 70 vette or is this all there is? All Corvettes from can have a large vacuum leak from the headlight actuator vacuum system that will affect the engine idle. A rough idling engine may be caused by a malfunction of the valve.

Clean rotor and inspect for damage or deterioration. Adjustable steering column available optionally.

Every 24, miles the transmission sump strainer of the Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission should be replaced. Description Reviews Also in 5.

Corvette Service Manuals

Additionally, the headrests were integrated into the seat design and a more accessible release button was introduced for the seat back hinge. By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. This car gives the impression that it could do anything you demanded.

Functional front fender louvers. In many instances, only one of the headlight assemblies will operate.